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Get Superb RFID based solutions for Library Management System through Daphne Systems, One of the best Global RFID Solution provider Company based at Delhi from India.


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Growing usages of RFID read ers in India Technology has been advancing with a rapid rate and most of countries have leveraged on its potential. More and more people now use tracking and tagging devices for safety and security of various objects. The growing usages and popularity of Daphne Systems RFID readers in India is a true testimony of the changing times. Books are an invaluable object whose safety is needed at all cost. Many a time precious and rare books are stolen by the same people who’re least expected to do the same. Libraries the world over have faced a lot of trouble in keeping their assets safe and secure from the risks of theft. RFID in Library has brought the desired respite and the use of such a system has brought down the cases of theft.

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What is the role of such a system or what kind of technology is used therein Daphne Systems RFID in Library is as simple as it can get simpler to install simple to monitor and even simplest to maintain. It helps to track and tag the very objects that need safety i. e. the books. Once installed the entire process of library becomes standardized where a constant watch is had on the object. Such a system works in unison with readers which decode the signal means the specific chips are attached to the objects whose ‘movement’ get recorded with the readers in automatic way. RFID in Library saves a whole lot of trouble and inconvenience to the staff cuts down a lot of time that otherwise goes in manual handling. With such a system in place no books go missing ever or more precisely none dares to misplace a book. With so much significance it is obvious to witness a rise in the use of RFID readers in India. More people are now aware of the technology that can save them their objects. Schools are capitalizing on the same system to monitor the movement of their students. In fact this

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technology also helps schools to maintain a communication with the concerned parents. Schools apart business entities too have started to benefit from RFID readers in India. From jewelry tracking to automobile tracking RFID readers in India are finding takers from diverse industries. In overall the scenario of tracking and tagging looks good in India and makers can feel the joy. The market is set to expand further and more such devices would be needed in the days to come. Author’s Profile Daphne Systems Private Limited is renowned Global RFID Solutions Company based at New Delhi from India which provides excellent RFID based solutions for Library. To get know more about our services just visit at

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