Jack and the Beanstalk

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www.hiyah.net Story retold by Sara Polito

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But even the cow had stopped giving milk, because there wasn’t enough grass for it to eat.

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On his way to town, a stranger came up to Jack. “That’s a fine looking cow,” said the stranger.

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A short distance from the enchanted forest, stood a magnificent castle.

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When Jack reached the castle, he blew a horn that lay at the entrance.

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Forgetting he had smelled the boy in the castle, the giant went out for a walk.

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That evening, the giant returned to the castle.

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Once outside the castle, he ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

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The giant would go looking for them.

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When Jack reached the beanstalk, he grabbed a sturdy vine, and began to quickly climb down the beanstalk.

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The poor widow’s arms reached up for Jack, as he climbed down. “Jack,” she wept, “You were gone so long. I was worried something terrible had happened to you.”

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The End

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