Verbs B

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Verbs B : 

Verbs B Press the Spacebar

Verbs B : 

Verbs B

B bbaking : 

B bbaking

B bbalancing : 

B bbalancing

B bbanging : 

B bbanging

Slide 6: 

B bbathing

B bbending : 

B bbending

B bbiking : 

B bbiking

B bbiting : 

B bbiting

B bblending : 

B bblending

B bblinking : 

B bblinking

B bblocking : 

B bblocking

B bblowing : 

B bblowing

B bboating : 

B bboating

B bboiling : 

B bboiling

B bbouncing : 

B bbouncing

B bbowing : 

B bbowing

B bbowling : 

B bbowling

B bboxing : 

B bboxing

B bbreaking : 

B bbreaking

B b bringing : 

B b bringing

B bbrushing : 

B bbrushing

B bbuilding : 

B bbuilding

B bbumping : 

B bbumping

B bburning : 

B bburning

B bburping : 

B bburping

Slide 27: 

B bbuying

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