Dan Thayer, Attorney Tips for Better Public Speaking

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Dan Thayer, Attorney: Tips for Better Public Speaking


Dan Thayer is accustomed to speaking in public - having done so not only as a civil litigation attorney speaking on behalf of clients in the courtroom, but also as a speaker for the Leadership Tomorrow organization. To date, Thayer has spoken on the topic of “How to Manage Meetings” at Leadership Tomorrow events for just over 16 years.


As Dan Thayer, attorney, knows, public speaking may often be a challenge for those with little-to-no experience in the field. There are, however, a few ways inexperienced speakers can better prepare for that next big speech or presentation – including : Practice Knowing your audience


Practice. Taking the time to practice your speech beforehand is key to a successful delivery . Knowing your audience. A firm grasp of the audience can help you craft a speech that better connects and resonates with the crowd.

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