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plz can i download?thanks

By: victorrajsouparnika (86 month(s) ago)

plz can i download

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Pesticides : 

Pesticides 1 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Pesticides : 

Pesticides Chemicals designed to kill “pests” which damage food crops Types of Pesticides include: Insecticides Kills Insects Fungicide Kills Fungi Bactericide Kills Bacteria 2 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Pesticides : 

Pesticides 3 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Slide 4: 

4 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Problem with Pesticides: : 

Problem with Pesticides: Some pesticides are: Persistent – not breaking down, staying active Fat Soluble – get stored in the fat of living things 5 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Bioaccumulation : 

Bioaccumulation DEMO 6 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Dangers of Pesticides : 

Dangers of Pesticides Biomagnification Pesticides increases in concentration as you move up a food chain It occurs because toxins remain within the living tissue 7 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Dangers of Pesticides : 

Dangers of Pesticides Bioaccumulation The idea that more toxins gather and accumulate at higher trophic levels 8 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Slide 9: 

Bioaccumulation E.g DDT 9 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Environmental Toxins : 

Environmental Toxins 10 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Mercury : 

Mercury Most mercury from coal power-plants and waste incinirators Enters into atmosphere, but falls into lakes and oceans as methylmercury 11 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Mercury : 

Mercury 12 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Mercury : 

Mercury Methylmercury is a dangerous neurotoxin (brain killer) Eating “contaminated fish” results in higher chances of birth defects 13 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Mercury : 

Mercury 14 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

DDT : 

DDT A insecticide invented to kill insects (mainly mosquitoes) Used from 1839 until 1968, largely to prevent malaria 15 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

DDT : 

DDT 16 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Malaria : 

Malaria 17 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

Slide 18: 

18 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

DDT : 

DDT Problems: Causes cancer and birth defects in humans Makes “bird shells” soft and fragile, therefore breaking easily 19 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

DDT : 

DDT 20 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

PCB’s : 

PCB’s Used widely in glue, pesticides, wood sealants, and in electrical wiring until being banned in the late 1970’s Toxin levels found in fish and birds Dangers: Damages liver resulting in death In humans affects: immune system, pregnancy, and reproduction 21 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

PCB’s : 

PCB’s 22 M.BREGAR (Dante C.S.S.)

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