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FCE B Articles

Articles : 

Articles Indefinite article a an The indefinite article means ONE. It can only be used with singular countable nouns or

Concept : 

Patricia is descendent of Irish family Concept My brother is lawyer One of the same class a a an

Concept : 

Concept I bought radio today When something or someone is mentioned for the first time a

Concept : 

Concept There is a boat once day at 8 o’clock a Phrases showing frequency

Articles : 

Articles Definite article the The definite article refers to countable or uncountable, singular and plural nouns. It refers to something specific.

Concept : 

Concept This is Marion. She is daughter of a friend of mine. Thing or person was mentioned before the

Concept : 

Don’t look at sun. You’ll hurt your eyes Thing or person is unique the Concept

Concept : 

the Meet me at statue on the corner of Park Road and Elm Avenue Concept Thing or person is clearly specified

Concept : 

the We’ve got a new fountain in garden Concept The context makes it clear

Concept : 

the My family have been here since turn of century Concept The person or thing is defined by the words that follow the

Remember We also use definite articles with... : 

Superlatives Remember We also use definite articles with... This is the highest mountain in world Centuries Decades Ordinal numbers I live on second floor I was born in 80’s Millions left Ireland in 19th century the the the the

Articles : 

Articles Zero article 0 General references

Concept : 

Concept Holidays are so relaxing! Butter is very fattening When we’re referring to things in general, we don’t need an article

Concept : 

Concept We also use NO article with I went to Cape Town in Africa in 2007 Nicholas was born in December 2007 Most places names Months and years A group of states The United States However... A group of countries The United Kingdom

The or Zero? : 

The or Zero? life of an immigrant is often very hard. life in the 21st century is changing fast. children grow up faster nowadays. children in my street are very noise. love makes the world goes round. love he had for his country was huge. ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ The Life The Children The Love SB p 10 ex 3

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