How to do a oil change

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How to do a oil change:

How to do a oil change By Daniel Guzman 

Table of contents:

Table of contents Tools you will need New items Step one Step two Step three Step four Step five step sixXx

Table of contents:

Table of contents Step seven Tip Conclusion The end having

Introduction of main topic:

Introduction of main topic I will be showing all the different steps there is in changing the oil from your motor vehicle and some very helpful tips along the way 

Tools you will need:

Tools you will need To do an oil change you will need a set of sockets to unscrew the bolts out of the oil pan. And a bucket to put all the burned oil in.

Tools you will need:

Tools you will need The most important tool you will need is the jack. To lift the car up. And if you want to be extra safe you will need some stands also.

You will need a new oil filter:

You will need a new oil filter Once you are ready to change your oil you will need a new oil filter to replace the old one.

You will need some new oil :

You will need some new oil After you have took out the burned oil you will need to replace it with new oil. There’s a large selection of oils to choose from…

Step one:

Step one Step number one you’ll need to lift the car up with the car jack. Using the car jack will make it easier for you to get a better access to the oil pan.

Step two:

Step two Once you have lifted the car you will need to get under it to loosen up the bolt from the oil pan.

Step three:

Step three You will need to be ready with a bucket or something that will hold all the burned oil so that you don’t make a big mess. The reason you will need a bucket is because once you have loosened the bolt, all your oil will come pouring out.

Step four:

Step four Once all of the oil has spilled out of the pan you will then tighten up the bolt that you had previously removed. This will make the new oil not spill out through the bottom of the pan.

Step five:

Step five At this step you will need to remove the oil filter and replace it with the new one. You will need the oil filter wrench to loosen the oil filter it is specifically made to loosen it up.

Step sixXx:

Step sixXx You will need to tighten up the oil filter and the oil pan bolt this will allow the oil to remain in the oil pan.

Step seven:

Step seven After you have tighten up the oil filter and the bolt you will pour the oil into the valve cover.

Tip :

Tip For example if your car has a v4 engine you will need to put 4 ½ quarts of oil.


conclusion As you can see changing the oil from a car is not a walk in the park it take a lot of specific steps to do this simple job. I learned that the jack is the most important step when it comes to the bottom of the car.

The end having:

The end having The end having

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