Get to know the UAV drones applications

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Get to know the various UAV Drones Applications :

Get to know the various UAV Drones Applications Ultimate UAV – Dubai drones design and manufacturer Dubai, UAE

Applications galore:

Applications galore Real estate surveying using hyperlapse technique Produce stunning aerial captures of hotel, resort or golf course Pictures and videos from a bird’s eye view make it standout your real estate projects in ads and promotions Widely used in professional advertising

Drones for precise farming :

Drones for precise farming High resolution photographs of the agriculture field spanning over 100 of acres in a single flight Image processing software helps to transform these into one image and applying Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) algorithm gives reflectance map which is the key in decision making for better yields, cutting costs and figure out which areas need closer examination

Drones for surveying:

Drones for surveying Drones are widely used in land surveying With a single flight, drones can capture high quality images with 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel Advantage – millions of data points in one short flight surveying professionals around the world are increasingly using drone mapping technology to collect their data in place of traditional surveying instruments

Aerial Data :

Aerial Data Geographic Information System(GIS) professionals can capture aerial images and transform it into 2D orthomosaics

Mining Survey :

Mining Survey Mining industry employ Drones to take measurements and volume from aerial photographs and videos Advantage – boost productivity (it took days or week, which is now possible within a few hours)

Drones for Aid purposes :

Drones for Aid purposes When disaster strikes drones are used to picture the area to assess the damage and potential needs without affecting the rescue operations.

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