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American museum of natural history-Exhibitions representing people & animals From ages.NYC Skyline-360 Degree of Panorama best enjoyed from Empire state building .Central Park-Offers an escape from the thick jungles of the city.Statue of Liberty-Statue denotes America’s symbol of Freedom.Museum of modern art (MoMA)-Dedicated completely for contemporary art.


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American museum of natural history:

American museum of natural history Address: Central Park West at 79th St. Manhattan, NY 10024 Exhibitions representing people & animals From ages Must See Dinosaur Wing

NYC Skyline:

NYC Skyline Iconic skyscrapers, bridges, waterways, islands & monuments create breathtaking scenario 360 Degree of Panorama best enjoyed from Empire state building Dressed in lights, the city shines and dazzles in the night

Central Park:

Central Park All Sculptured Manually: Varied landscape of rolling fields, walking trails & tranquil bodies of water Been in existence for more than 150 years O ffers an escape from the thick jungles of the city

Statue of Liberty:

Statue of Liberty Statue denotes America’s symbol of Freedom O riginally a gift to the US from France in honor of their friendly relationship M ost recognizable historic landmark Liberty Enlightening the World

Museum of modern art (MoMA):

Museum of modern art (MoMA) C ollection of modern arts including paintings, sculptures, architecture Address: 11 W. 53rd St. (53 St/5 Av) Manhattan, NY 10019 Dedicated completely for contemporary art

NYC at its BEST:

Have a Bon Voyage ! NYC at its BEST Accommodation Attractions Nightlife Shopping Festivals VISIT

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