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Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords,relish the beauty of Norwegian fjords,The Trollstigen,Knosesmauet,Explore the city by doing activities such as skiing,rafting,Glacier walking,Bergen Travel Guide.


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Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is a beautiful, charming city. 1 Bergen Travel Guide

PowerPoint Presentation: 2 Tourist attractions- Y ou can relish the beauty while travelling in Bergen Norwegian fjords The Trollstigen Knosesmauet

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T he Norwegian fjords is one of the world's most spectacular tourist attractions . 3

PowerPoint Presentation: 4 It is a typical narrow street of small wooden houses Knosesmauet

PowerPoint Presentation: 5 The Trollstigen-the troll ladder

PowerPoint Presentation: 6 Explore the city by doing activities such as Skiing - You can have fun with the whole family on the slopes of Hemsedal, Norway Glacier walking - Go on guided walk on Nigardsbreen glacier. Rafting- One of the top places for rafting in Norway

PowerPoint Presentation: 7 Winter is the time for some excellent cross-country skiing near Bergen Skiing in winter

PowerPoint Presentation: 8 Nigardsbreen Glacier- One of the easiest glacier walking is done over here from the whole world

PowerPoint Presentation: 9 River Rafting in Sjoa

PowerPoint Presentation: 10 To know more on travel destinations, sightseeing, accommodation and reviews visit Thank You!!! You will be tempted to visit this city at least once in a life time

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