Adverb and Adjective Phrases

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Adverb and Adjective Phrases:

Adverb and Adjective Phrases What are the differences?

Adverb Phrases:

Adverb Phrases Adverb phrases act just as adverbs do in sentences. They modify VERBS, ADJECTIVES, and other ADVERBS!

Adverb Phrases:

Adverb Phrases The rain fell in sheets. adverb phrase= in sheets adverb phrase modifying= fell 2. The lookout tower collapsed during the hurricane. adverb phrase= during the hurricane adverb phrase modifying= collapsed

Adjective Phrases:

Adjective Phrases Adjective phrases act just as ADJECTIVES do in sentences! They modify NOUNS or PRONOUNS !!

Adjective Phrases:

Adjective Phrases

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