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Computer Fundamentals CIS 101 :

Computer Fundamentals CIS 101 Danielle Mastrella

Module 6:

Module 6 Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 Chapter 4 Introduction to Excel


Spreadsheets A spreadsheet is an electronic file that contains a grid of columns and rows containing related data. A spreadsheet program creates and modifies spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are should be used in any task that requires organizing, calculating, and evaluating quantitative data.


Spreadsheets A worksheet is a type of spreadsheet that contains formulas, functions, values, text, and visual aids. A workbook is a file containing related worksheets.

Excel Elements:

Excel Elements


Formulas A formula is a combination of cell references, operators, values, and functions used to perform a calculation. You must start each formula with an equal sign (=) for excel to recognize it. Most formula symbols are the same in excel as they are commonly known. Multiplication however is * Division is / Formulas are displayed in the formula bar

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