CIS 101 MOD 1 #1

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Computer Fundamentals CIS 101:

Computer Fundamentals CIS 101 Danielle Mastrella

Module 1 Getting started :

Module 1 Getting started What you will need: Book 1: Exploring Microsoft Office 2010 , by Grauer Also available as e-text when you register at You will use this book in order to complete the MyITLab assignments.

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What you will need: Book 2: Custom edition (special just for Buffalo State) of Technology in Action You will use this book to complete “custom” assignments and required weekly readings that many class discussions will be based off of.

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What you will need: Simulated software: Can be purchased with books in package from book store or separately online via credit card. For more info go to the “lessons tab” then to “Course Information” and click “Getting CIS 101 Books” Once you are registered your course page will look like the one below and this is where you will complete your MyITLab assignments.


Discussions First find which CRN number you are registered to, you will post in that discussion group. You can find this by going to the “Lessons” tab clicking “Course Information” and then opening “ Student rosters according to CRN numbers” There are 3 discussions due for each module. The first week you need to submit and “new post” about the discussion question due Friday The second week you either reply to two students posts or submit 2 more post by Friday

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