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Transition Research:

Transition Research By Danielle Feaver


SUMMARY Transitions are very important in the editing section of a film. They make the film look more professional and have a finish to it. For example at the end of a film it usally fades to black or straight away cuts to the credits. These transitions can help the viewer notice what is going on throughout the film. They can be done fast paced or can be produced slow. Different transitions are used in different films depending on the genre and the specific scene.


Cut The transition of ‘Cut’ generally just cuts from one scene to another. It’s one of the most simplistic transitions that are used. Every film uses this transition because its simple and fast. For example it is usually used in fights to show the fast pace and how quickly the characters reactions are. James Bond is one film where this transition is used.

Fade To Black:

Fade To Black The transition of ‘Fade To Black’ is used in most films because it can show a number of things, an example of this would be that the location or area that is changing. This is an effective transition because it can be used in any genre of a film but cant be used as much as a cut because it can be time consuming and also its not as simple to use. An example of where it is used is the film ‘Case 39’. This is the trailer:


Fade The transition of ‘Fade’ is more harder to use. Its where one scene fades into another or one action within a scene fades into another action. This is an example which is ‘The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes’. Fade to black is also used in this trailer.

The Other Effects that are listed are used within this video...:

The Other Effects that are listed are used within this video... Fade To White Dissolve Wipe Flip Over

Fade To White:

Fade To White The transition of ‘Fade To white’ is when the scene fades to white rather than cutting straight to another scene or action. It is mainly used when someone has rather been ‘knocked out’ or if they are waking up.


Dissolve The transition of ‘Dissolve’ is when one scene or action dissolves into another. It’s an obvious transition because it has a lot too it. Rather than just a simple cut that the viewer wouldn’t usually notice, this transition comes across different and is noticed more to the viewer.


Wipe The transition of ‘Wipe’ can be used in different ways. It is the simple transition of the screen is wiped over the original shot. It can be done in different directions such as left to right, top from bottom etc. It is used in a variety of film and is a simple transition to use.

Flip Over:

Flip Over The transition of ‘Flip Over’ is not usually used in most films. If it is used in a film its used to show the change of area or location. The main genre that this transition is used in is within the comedy or romance genres.

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