Natalia kills – Kill My Boyfriend deconstruction

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Natalia kills – Kill My Boyfriend:

Natalia kills – Kill My Boyfriend Chosen genre music video deconstruction

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The opening shot of this video is a long shot of a kitchen. This shot gives an impression of homeliness and comfort to the audience. It is very well lit so we can see all the surroundings. Because it is a female artist this is conveyed by the flowers and delicate colours of the room. This is a low angle medium shot of the artist. She is walking in slow motion giving the audience time to see her and what she is doing. There are no lyrics being sung yet so she is just walking to instrumental music conforming to the indie genre. She is dressed in black colour so she stands out from the daylight behind her.

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This is a close up shot of the artist, she is facing sideways so the audience do not get to see her whole face which slightly conveys a mysterious side. She is illustrating the lyrics as she is singing “kill kill kill” and holding her hand in a gun position, this conforms to the genre. In this medium shot of the artist we see her sitting with a lot of tools behind her. The tools conform with the song title and lyrics being sung. This is quite a diverse shot as it is almost like role genre because you would expect to see a man in this shot not a woman, conveying her power to the audience.

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This is a medium shot of a man being pushed into water by the artist. This still conforms with the lyrics being sung “I'm gonna kill my boyfriend” and again conveys to the audience that she is the dominant role in the video and has more power. In the last shots of the video we see the artist duplicated in a medium shot. This conveys to the audience that she is powerful and the main person in the video. Throughout the video this happens a few times where the artist is duplicated, I think this conforms to the genre because it shows her being a lead in the video.

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