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Zoho email provides services for sending and composing messages. In this, we explain how to add email through Zoho mail.


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ADD EMAIL THROUGH ZOHO MAIL Sign up for Zoho mail with your domain and setup your account. Zoho will present the following screen.

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Click Setup Zoho. On the next screen, presented with unique code for your domain beginning with the letters zb... highlight and copy this code.

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Open Zoho web page, and open your site dashboard in another tab. Go to Domains , click on the relevant domain.

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Select Name Servers and DNS .

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Select D NS Records .

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Choose DNAME , paste the beginning code zb , then put alias of “”. Click Add New DNS Records .


Now go to the tab where Zoho account is up. Click Verify button at the bottom of the page. An alert will pop up stating that it may take 60 minutes for your DNS changes to take effect. Select Proceed . Now we will add your MX records. Then go to domain manager. Choose type MX , leave the Name box, paste “” in second box. Click Add New DNS Records button.

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Add the second MX record, Choosing MX. Leave the first box, paste “” in second box. Updated very last box “20”. Click Add New DNS Record button.

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Custom DNS records should look like the example below:

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