SUSHI-The Japanese Cuisine

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Cooking various dishes is a passion for many. By attending cooking classes you will be able to learn to cook with the perfect taste of a dish that you never was able to do before.To know more, visit


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SUSHI The Japanese Cuisine


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Sushi is a J apanese cuisine prepared with vinegared rice with the combination of ingredients mainly with vegetables, seafood ,tropical fruits etc. It is usually served as balls or rolls with daikon radish as garnish.

Types Of Sushi:

Types Of Sushi Makizushi (Rolled Sushi) Nigirizushi (Hand-pressed sushi) Chirashizushi (Scattered sushi) Inarizushi Oshizushi(Pressed sushi)

Main Ingredients Of Sushi:

Main Ingredients Of Sushi Sushi rice Rice vinegar Kombu (dried sea weed) Sake (gives dashi flavor) Wasabi(hot flavor) Soya Sauce Sushi Grade Fish Nori Sushi Ginger Green Tea

Breakthrough Sushi:

Breakthrough Sushi Cooking is a passion for many especially cooking dishes that are not a part of regular cuisines. Breakthrough Sushi is the first and only sustainable Team Building Sushi Classes company in the US, offering Sushi Classes and Live Sushi Bar . Breakthrough Sushi classes reveals your talent in preparing in Sushi dishes also impart best teaching lessons at affordable rate.

Breakthrough Sushi: Services:

Breakthrough Sushi: Services Public sushi classes Live Sushi bar Business chef service

Contact Us:

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