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This presentation explains the history of the Internet and how it functions.


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Internet The Pinoy Techno Guide Making Technology not just Cool but Useful !


Internet global system of interconnected computer networks

History of the Internet:

History of the Internet Originally concieved by the US Department of Defense ARPANet Advanced Research Projects Agency Network Contractors , military personnel, and university researchers 1980’s National Science Foundation established more connections and called it the Internet

ARPANet in 1971:

ARPANet in 1971

Internet in 2010:

Internet in 2010

How to Connect to the Internet:

How to Connect to the Internet ISP - I nternet S ervice P rovider a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet Examples: SMART , Globelines , Bayantel , PLDT Modem – Mo dulator/ Dem odulator Converts analog signals to digital and vice versa

Connected to the Internet:

Connected to the Internet

World Wide Web:

World Wide Web Collection of all the websites in the world a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet Invented by Tim Berners-Lee Made public on August 6, 1991

How Information Travels in WWW:

How Information Travels in WWW Example : Facebook Servers (California) INTERNET ISP MODEM BROWSER (Firefox)


Browsers Computer programs that are used to access the World Wide Web Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer Safari

Web Page:

Web Page single page of information written using HTML HTML - H yper t ext M arkup L anguage

Web Site:

Web Site Collection of webpages connected by hyperlinks

Universal Resource Locator:

U niversal R esource L ocator URL Address of the webpage or website Examples: Top Level Domain

Top Level Domain:

Top Level Domain


Internet The Pinoy Techno Guide Making Technology not just Cool but Useful !

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