Avoid Placement Complications

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Avoid Placement Complications


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Avoid Placement Complications

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Every SAP specialist recruitment agency wants a smooth placement for their candidates but occasionally something can happen that may complicate the process.

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What you can do to guarantee smooth placement?


Communication Keep up to date with recruitment agents Supply information and paper work if they ask for Is Important


Consistent Make sure that all the contact details are up to date while filing documents Try to use a single phone number and single email address Details

Keep All Documents Ready:

Keep A ll Documents R eady Successful in interview and client wishes to hire you. The tension is not yet relieved. Be prepare with all the documents to eradicate complications Passport Complete registration form Visa or Work permit if required Insurance certificate Reference’s contact details Copy of VAT certificate Utility bill Umbrella company certificate if necessary

Submit Paperwork on Time:

Submit Paperwork on Time Promptly complete invoices and expense claims Include all the required information on your invoice i.e. name, limited company name, bank details, contact details, pay rate, currency, days/hours worked and conversion rates Seek details from recruitment agency, they will help you out

Arrange Timesheets:

Arrange Timesheets Ensure approvals are sent with time-sheets File expense claim form and attach corresponding receipts Make sure that your limited company has sent correct invoice Send receipts in one of the formats. Scan, mail or fax. and Expenses

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Refer to http://www.whitehallresources.co.uk/blog/smooth-placement-5-factors-to-avoid-complication/ for further details.

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