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The Future of By Daniel Caine


The first motion picture was made in 1895 by the Lumière brothers, and it is called “Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory in Lyon” (Hutchinson) The film industry has come a long way since, with the American film industry, known generally as Hollywood, becoming the biggest movie industry in the world. The studio system ruled Hollywood in the first half of the 20 th century, which eventually collapsed and gave way to a new wave of American cinema. The landscape would be changed forever, however, with the advent of the blockbuster movie.


The first Hollywood Blockbuster was It was released in 1975 and became the highest grossing movie of all time until it was usurped by Star Wars two years later. Since down Hollywood has increasingly relied on big budget spectacle movies on expense of story driven, original movies. Out of the top ten highest grossing movies of all time, only 3 of them aren’t based on any preexisting franchise. (Box Office Mojo)


Nowadays most of the movies produced by the big studios in Hollywood are either sequels, remakes, reboots or adaptions of an established franchise with an existing fan base. (Geyer) But there are some factors that may lead to big changes coming Hollywood’s way within the next decade.


The first factor is the rise in popularity of network streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, who are now beginning to produce and market their own movies through their respective platforms The second factor is the tremendous expansion of the Chinese film market, which is on its way to become the biggest film market in the world ( Thuy ). Hollywood is spending a lot of money in order to cater to this market, adding more Chinese related content to movies.


It remains to be seen how these trends are going to affect the American film industry, and the direction Hollywood is going to go in within the next decade.


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