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Home burglary is a rising concern in the USA and as such every homeowner should educate themselves about this issue. How much time and money do you invest in protecting your home and loved ones? It doesn't have to be very expensive and here are some of the ways that you can accomplish this affordable.


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Home Burglary Statistics:

Is your home protected? Do you know the risks? Home Burglary Statistics

Do You Invest In Home Security?:

Do You Invest In Home Security? Do you invest in home security at all? It is a very costly investment, but most can agree that it is certainly very worth it these days? Do you own: A home safe? Security alarms? Security camera? Self-defense devices? Is you answer is no to all of these then you might want to read the rest of this presentation and reconsider your choices!

Some “Scary” Statistics:

Some “Scary” Statistics Every 18 seconds a burglary takes place in the USA A home without any security is three times as likely to be targeted by thieves On average, a burglar spends around 12 minuets inside a home Only 13% of burglars get caught by the police and it s very rate for stolen good to be returned to their rightful owners. Burglars aren’t afraid to vandalize a home while robbing it, in fact – they often do a lot of damage such as breaking the windows and destroying electronics

Is There a “Typical” Burglar?:

Is There a “Typical” Burglar? It isn’t a good thing to generalize anyone, but statistics do show that a “typical” burglar is a male teen. However, statistics show that this person usually lives not too far away from the home that they are robbing so that they can quickly get to safety and hide if things go wrong.

A Few “Interesting” Statistics:

A Few “Interesting” Statistics We often think that burglaries happen at night, yet statistics show that over 60% of burglaries happen during daytime. Around 45% of all burglaries happen between 10 AM and 3 PM. Cash, jewelry and electronics are the top things that thieves will look for. Weapons are also very valuable to them and if one ever gets stolen immediately report it to the police!

How Do They Get In?:

How Do They Get In?

3 Simple Precautions:

3 Simple Precautions Number 1: Burglars always search for homes that seem unoccupied (for example, if the homeowners are on vacation) and thus your home should always seem “dynamic”. Don’t let newspapers and main pile up and always leave a porch light on during the evening!

3 Simple Precautions:

3 Simple Precautions Number 2: While burglars spend around 8 to 15 minutes inside a home, they don’t want to spend more than 60 seconds trying to get in. Powerful locks, deadbolt mechanics, camera, alarms and strong doors can prevent them from taking their time to get inside.

3 Simple Precautions:

3 Simple Precautions Number 3: Clear all shrubs and branches – don’t give burglars any help in hiding!

Affordable Home Security?:

DIY Home Security Benefits Simple (unmanaged) alarm systems cost less than $100 Dummy security cameras can be bought for as low as $50 Pepper spray and stun guns are very affordable devices for personal security Investing in better doors and locks is a smart and affordable strategy Window shutters for your first floor windows are great defense against burglars Managed alarm systems and camera surveillance are expensive to set up and require a monthly fee, if you cannot afford these, then don’t just abandon home security, instead try to set-up your own, affordable security system Affordable Home Security?

Protect Your Home!:

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