English 9 Unit 2 lesson 2 Speak Clothing

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4. A short- sleeved blouse 8. Blue shorts 6. Baggy pants 5. A sleeveless sweater 9.A striped shirt 3. A colorful T - shirt 2. A plaid skirt 1. A plain suit 7. Faded jeans a b c f e d g h i Give the name to the clothes in the picture

Unit 2:

Unit 2 Clothing Speaking

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1. Plaid (adj): 2. striped (adj): 4. baggy (adj): 5. plain (adj): 6. suit (n): 3. sleeve (n) / sleeveless (adj): NEW WORDS kẻ ca rô kẻ sọc tay áo / không có tay rộng thùng thình, thụng Trơn/ giản dị bộ com lê 7. sweater (n): áo len 8. Shot (long)-sleeved blouse Áo ngắn (dài) tay


Practise A.What do usually wear on the weekend? B. Short-sleeved blouse and jeans. A. Why do wear these clothes? B. They are comfortable . A. What is your favorite type of clothing? B. Blue shorts and T-shirt . A. Do you like your uniform? B. Yes,/no,/ it is (not) comfortable. A. What do you usually wear on special days? B. It depends.(plain suit/Aodai) Useful language (Nouns) Skirt/ suit/ sweater/ shirt/ pants/ Jeans/ shorts/ Ao dai/ Uniform/colorful clothes (Adj) Convenient/ fishionable/ beautiful/ modern/ suitable/cool


Survey Name Casual clothes (be) Favorite clothes (like) School uniform (wear) Clothes for special day (love) Marry A plaid skirt Baggy pants and short-sleeved blouse On Mondays and on Sundays Jeans and sweeter John Colorful T-shirt and blue short Faded jeans and striped shirt Everydays except for Sundays Plain suit Mary said her casual clothes were a plaid skirt. Mary said she liked baggy pants and short-sleeved blouse.


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