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Warmly welcome Our class today

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Write the past participle of these verbs. - put => make => perform => write => jumble => hold => award => decorate => break => scatter => put made performed written jumbled held awarded decorated broken scattered

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Unit 13 : Festivals Leson 5: Language Focus She eats rice everyday.  Rice is eaten everyday. 1. Passive in present S + am / is/ are + PP(V-ed/V3)+ (by + O). She played chess yesterday.  Chess was played yesterday S + was / were + PP(V-ed/V3) + (by+ O). 2. Passive in past Tom will buy some books tomorrow.  Some books will be bought by Tom tomorrow 3. Passive in future S + will be + PP(V-ed/V3)+ (by+ O). * Passive form

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Christmas songs………………..….for people in towns and villages eight hundred years ago. On Christmas Eve in the early 1500s, a tree………………. and……….in the market place in the Latvian city of Riga. In the rice-cooking festival,a fire….…….in the traditional way. An English-speaking contest………………….at Nguyen Hue School next month. The first prize……………………to the Mekong team just after the final match yesterday. The Christmas carols “Silent Night, Holy Night”………………in Austria by Franz Gruber in the 19th century. were performed was decorated put is made will be held was awarded was written put perform decorate award hold write make

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2) Complete the conversation. Use the verbs in the box. Break (2) jumble scatter pull Hanh and her mother have just got home from the market

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1. Passive in present ( bị động hiện tại)  Rice is eaten everyday. S + am / is/ are + PP+ (by + O). She eats rice everyday. 2. Passive in past ( bị động quá khứ )  Chess was played yesterday She played chess yesterday. S + was / were + PP+(by+ O). 3. Passive in future ( bị động tương lai ) Tom will buy some books tomorrow.  Some books will be bought by Tom tomorrow S + will be + PP+(by+ O). 4. Passive in present perfect.( bị động hiện tại hoàn thành ) S + have / has + been + PP+ (by+ O).

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Hanh : Mom! Something has happened to our kitchen. Mrs.Thanh : What’s wrong ? Hanh: Mom!Look. The cupboard is open and everything has been (1)…………… Mrs.Thanh: Oh, no. The jar I like has been (2)…………… Hanh: Many bowls and dishes have been (3)…………, too.And look at this, Mom. The dried mushrooms have been(4)……………..all over the floor. Mrs.Thanh : And where is the pan of fish I left on the stove? Hanh: Here it is. It has been (5)…………into the sink. The fish has gone. Mrs.Thanh : Who has done all this? Hanh: Mom, it must have been the cat ! jumbled broken broken scattered pulled

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1. The present simple 2. The present progressive 3. Will 4. Must 5. Can 6. This 7. Now 8. Here 9. Today 10. Tomorrow 11 Yesterday a, could b, had to c, The past simple d, would e, The past progressive f, that day g, the day before h, that i, the next day j, then k, there A B 3.Reported speech

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Yesterday Lan’s grandmother, Mrs. Thu, needed a plumber. A man came to her door. Report what the man told Mrs. Thu

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b)“I can fix the faucets.” c)“The pipes are broken.” d)“New pipes are expensive.” e)“You must pay me now.” a)“I’m a plumber.” a, He said he was a plumber

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b) He said he could fix the faucets c) He said the pipes were broken d) He said new pipes were expensive. e) He said I had to pay him then b) He said he was a plumber

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*Compound words Remember about the dialogue in “listen and read”, please. What did Ba invite Liz to see? A Rice- cooking Festival People have to make fire in what copetition? A water- fetching competition People have to fetch water in what contest? A fire- making contest (article) (noun) (verb-ing) (noun) (compound adjective) Compound adjectives. = Noun + V - ing

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Grammar Drill : Compound Adjective Compound adj Concept check : Use : To form a compound adjective Form : Noun + V-ing ( Tỉnh từ kép)

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a, It is a contest in which participants have to make a fire.  A fire- making contest. b, It is a festival in which people have their bulls fight against each other.  A bull- fighting festival. c, The United States has a big industry that make cars..  A car- making industry. d, Last week Tran Hung Dao School held a contest in which students arranged flowers as attractively as they could..  A flower- arranging contest. e, Viet Nam is a country which exports a lot of rice.  A rice- exporting country. f, This is a machine which is used to wash clothes.  A clothes- washing machine.

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Choose the correct answer 1.Christmas songs ...............for people hundreds years ago. 2. Letters ...................all over the world every month. 3. A new school……………near my house since May 4. A new train.........................next year. 5. He said he……………..visit England the next day. A. were performed B. is performed C. will be performed A. were written B. are written C. have been written A. has built B. has been built C. have been built A. will be made B. is made C. was made A. will B. would C. was 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

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3. Change into the passive voice. 1. We haven’t moved anything since they sent you aways to cure you. 2. My parents did not let me go to school this morning because I was sick. 3. They say that he is the richest man in the town 4. We say Dr.Johnson leave his office at 4 o’clock this afternoon. Anything hasn’t been moved since you were sent away to cure you. I wasn’t let to go to school by my parents this morning becaus I was sick. He was said to be the richest man in the town. Dr. Johnson was said to leave his office at 4 o’ clock this afternoon.

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Review grammar points. Complete all exerises in notebooks. 3. Prepare : Unit 14 – Getting started &Listen and read: Match the names of these famous world landmarks to the correct pictures Read the dialogue, prepare new words. Complete the summary.

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Thank you for your attention Good bye

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