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WELCOME TO MY CLASS Good morning Everybody

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FESTIVALS in VIETNAM Can you tell me the Festival in Viet Nam?


Unit 13 FESTIVALS Write

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1. Use the information in the dialogue LISTEN AND READ to fill in the gaps in this report. The Rice- cooking Festival W1

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This report shows how the (1) …… ….…….. festival was held. The festive was held in the communal house yard about (2)………kilometer away from a river. There were three competitions: (3)………………….., fire-making and rice- cooking. The festival took one day. In the water- fetching contest one person from each team had to (4)……...to the river to get the (5)……... In the fire- making contest two team members had to make a fire in the (6)…………….way. They tried to rub pieces of (7)………….. together to make the fire. (8)…………people from each team took part in the rice- cooking contest they had to (9).……….…the rice from the husk and then cook the rice. After the three contests, all the points were (10)………. and the Thon Trieu group won the grand prize. The festival was wonderful. rice- cooking one/a water- fetching run water traditional bamboo Six separate added

2. Write a similar report on a festival you joined recently. The answers to the questions below can help you.:

2. Write a similar report on a festival you joined recently. The answers to the questions below can help you. a, What is the name of the festival? b, Where was the festival held? c, How long did the festival last? d, How many activities were there ? Were there any competitions ? e, How were the activities organized ? f, How many people took part in each activity? g, What did you think about the festival? W2 W3

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THE MID- AUTUMN FESTIVAL . The festival/ hold/15th of August/ school yard. The festival/ last/3 hours. There/many activities/such as: singing/ shouting/ wearing masks/parading/ the roads and banning the drums. The children/ interested/ a special cake “Moon cakes” Children/ go/ play/traditional games until mid- night. This festival/ a very special occasion/ Vietnamese people/ especially for children/ play/ enjoy/ a variety of activities. Moreover, children/understand more / Vietnamese traditions Outline

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WRITING TEST The Mid- Autumn festival The festival was held on 15th of August the school yard. The festival lasted 3 hours. There were many activities such as: singing and shouting, wearing masks, parading on the roads and banging the drums. The children were interested in a special cake “Moon cakes”. Children went on playing traditional games until mid-night. This festival is a very special occasion for Vietnamese people and especially for children to play and enjoy on a variety of activities . Moreover, children would understand more about Vietnamese traditions.

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1. Write down the report in their exercise books 2. Prepare LANGUAGE FOCUS. HOMEWORK

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