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Welcome all the teachers to our class:

Welcome all the teachers to our class ENGLISH 8

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The question : What do people often do on Christmas Day ?

Unit 13 ::

Unit 13 : Festivals Read

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I am Santa Claus

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Church at San Sebastian, with the statue of Saint Sebastian in front.(He is the patron saint of archers. Really.)

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- Decorate : trang trí - spread throughout : lan truyền - perform: biểu diễn , thể hiện - Christmas Carol : bài thánh ca - unsuitable: không thích hợp - Jolly : vui nhộn , vui tính - Santa Claus: ông già Nô-en - Patron saint: thánh bảo hộ New words /ei/ /e/ /ǽ/ /ǽ/ / o / /ei/ /ei/ / u: / - description: sự miêu tả

Complete the table:

Complete the table Christmas Specials Place of origin Date 1 2 mid-19 th century 3 4 The Christmas Tree early 1500s The Christmas Card England 800 years ago Santa Claus 1823 (no information) USA Christmas Carols Riga

Answer these questions ::

Answer these questions : 1.How long ago did the Christmas tree come to the USA ? The Christmas tree came to the USA more than two centuries ago . 2.Why did the Englishman have someone design a card ? Because he wanted to send Christmas greetings to his friends. 3.When were Christmas songs first performed? Christmas songs were first performed 800 years ago . 4.Who wrote the poem A Visit from Saint Nicholas ? An American professor named Clement Clarke Moore wrote A visit from Saint Nicholas . 5.What is Santa Claus based on ? Santa Claus is based on the description of Saint Nicholas in the poem.

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We wish you a Merry Christmas; We wish you a Merry Christmas; We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings to you wherever you are. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you a Merry Christmas

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Learn the new words by heart Write a paragraph ( 5 7 sentences ) about your last Christmas Prepare Unit 13 : write Homework :

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Chung suc game:

Chung suc game ACTIVITIES MARKS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Going to the church Decorating Christmas tree Sending greeting cards Enjoying the party Giving Christmas presents 32 27 14 22 05

Listen to the tape and then find out what it is about.:

Listen to the tape and then find out what it is about.

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 Verbs:  Nouns:  Adjectives: New words

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