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English 7:

English 7 Welcome to our class Make by Pham Ngoc Thuy Duong

Unit 15: Going out Lesson1: A1 Video game:

Unit 15: Going out Lesson1: A1 Video game


I/Vocabulary: _Addictive (adj) ['ædiktiv]: (có tính) gây nghiện. _Amusement Center (n) [ə'mju:zmənt 'sentə]: Trung tâm giải trí. _Arcade (n) [ɑ:'keid]: Khu vui chơi, mua bán có mái vòm. _Spend (v) [spend]: dành (thời gian), tiêu (tiền),…

II/Grammar: To spend time…:

II/Grammar: To spend time… * To spend time on st : dành thời gian vào thứ gì . Ex:_I spend time on my homework. * To spend time at somewhere: dành thời gian ở nơi nào . Ex: I spend time at my grandparents house. *To spend time doing st : dành thời gian vào việc gì Ex: I spend time shopping.

III/Listen then practice::

III/Listen then practice: 1.Listen: SGK/147 2.Answer the question: a) Where is Nam going? Nam is going to the Amusement Center. b) What is he going to do? He is going to to play video games there.

Answer the question: :

Answer the question: c) How often does he go? He goes about once a week. d) Does he spend a lot of money? No, he doesn’t. e) How long does he usually stay? He usually stay for about one hour. f) Why must Nam be careful? Because video games can be addictive. g) What will Nam do later? Nam will do his homework.

PowerPoint Presentation:

a/ Give advise : You must be careful. Video games can be addictive. Don’t spend too much of your time in the arcade b/ Respond : Don’t worry. I won’t. Ex: forget to do your homework Don’t forget to do your homework. Don’t worry. I won’t. * Model sentence

PowerPoint Presentation:

video games amusement center addictive homework once much Nam is going to(1)……………………..He is going to play (2)………………there. He often plays videogames (3)……….a week, and he doesn’t spend (4)…..……money for playing videogames, because it can be (5)……………… He will do his (6)………………after playing videogames. amusement center video games once much addictive homework Exercise : FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH GIVEN WORDS

PowerPoint Presentation:

- Tired. - Backache. - Waste time and money. Addictive. Work in groups and listing the bad effect caused by video games.

IV-Practice: Play: Find 8 diffirent details.:

IV-Practice: Play : Find 8 diffirent details.

IV-Practice: Play: Find 8 diffirent details.:

IV-Practice: Play : Find 8 diffirent details.


IV-Homework: 1. Practice vocabulary, grammar. 2. Do exercise 1, 2 ( Workbook134, 135). 3. Prepare A2-3 (SGK/148, 149).

Thank you.:

Thank you.

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