English 7- Unit 1 Lesson 3 : B1-3 Name and Address

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Tuesday, August, 8th, 2006 Unit 1: Back to school Lesson 3: B1, 2, 3. ( P15, 16 ) Names and addresses:

Tuesday, August, 8 th , 2006 Unit 1: Back to school Lesson 3: B 1, 2, 3 . ( P 15, 16 ) Names and addresses I. Vocabulary: - family name = surname : họ - middle name : tên (đệm) - an address : địa chỉ II. Listen to the radio:

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III. Read the dialogue B1 (P 15 ). Then answer the questions: a. Hoa is talking to Miss Lien. b. Her family name is Pham c. Her middle name is Thi d. She lives at 12 Tran Hung Dao street.

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IV. Write. Complete this dialogue Who Nga: ………is that? Lan: That’s Nam. Nga: No, ………is the girl talking to meet Lien? Lan: Her name’s Hoa. She’s a new student. Nga: ………class is she in? Lan: She’s in out class 7A Nga: ………does she live? Lan: She lives on Tran Hung Dao Street with her aunt and uncle. Nga: ………do her parents live? Lan: They live in Hue. Nga: She’s tall. ………old is she? Lan: She’s 13. Who What Where Where How

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V. A survey Ask your partner questions and complete this form.

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VI. Summary: - What’s your family middle full name? - Where do you live? - Which grade are you in? - How old are you? - Why are you happy? ………………………

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VII. Homework: Introduce yourself or your friends. Learn by heart the dialogue 2(P 16 )

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