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Welcome to Danesh Exchange. For us, you can easily notice any of your foreign currency exchange No Commission Money Exchange. We hold Specialists in providing Out-class international currency exchange and international money transfer services in complete Way. We give highly competitive currency exchange rates in Melbourne, which are almost unbreakable when related to the market. Our services are up to the mark and we know how to retain our customers by providing them the best exchange rates and services throughout the process. Fast exchange No commission Instant call response Online Money exchange services wherever you are Our Services: Money Exchange in Melbourne Money Transfer Services Currency Exchange in Melbourne Best Currency Exchange Rates Contact Details: Address: LONSDALE ST DANDENONG VIC 3175 MELBOURNE. Call: 0387537579 Website:


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Money Gram Exchange Rate Melbourne Money Gram And Exchange currency Services 1

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INTRODUCTION  Purchase Money at Best Exchange Rates in Melbourne  Danesh Exchange Foreign Currency Travel Currency Specialists. Buys Sells 85+Currencies. Best Exchange Rates No Fee 0 Commissions  The new service makes currency exchanges Fast affordable and convenient.  Danesh Exchange is a free comparison website for Overseas Currency Exchange And Money Transfers. 2

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OUR SERVICES  Currency Exchange in Melbourne  Money Transfer Services  Money Exchange  Best Currency Exchange Rates  Travel Money Exchange  Sale Currency  Buy Currency 3

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FOREIGN EXCHANGE  Danesh Exchange is your most reliable Fast And Secure Foreign Currency Exchange provider.  Danesh Exchange in Melbourne is an international Currency transfer  Danesh Exchange offers 0 Commissions or fees.  Our foreign exchange rates are better than others else in the market. Through us people can easily buy or sell any Foreign currency including USD GBP EURO SGD NZD CAD FJD IDR and much more. 4

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OUR SPECIALTIES  Safe Secure And Reliable  Better Rates  Faster Transaction  Discounts for seniors  Discount for Students  Discount for Travel groups  Flexible with More Control 6

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Best Money Exchange Rates MoneyGram Money Transfers  Best pay rates for Travel Currency Exchange  Fastest MoneyGram services  Multiple currencies of the world  Easy access Travel Money Exchange 7

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WHY DANESH EXCHANGE  Best Price.  Rate Guard.  Expert Advice.  Cash Commitment. 8

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OTHER KEY BENEFITSS  Money Transfer  Cooperate services  Forex  Travel Money 9

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Why we are recommended  Best Exchange rates  0 Commissions or Fee  Special Rates  Professional Tips  Over 85 Curreencies offered  Safe and Convenient Procedures  Years of Experience  Other Currency Online 10

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Money Gram Exchange Rate Melbourne  At Danesh Exchange you can send or receive a maximum of AUD9000 in a single transaction.  Once your transaction is complete the money is on its way and will arrive within 10 minutes. 11

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How sending money works  Step 1 – Get in touch with us Call 03 8753 7579 or visit our branch  Step 2 – Danesh Exchange Staff will collect personal details  Step 3 – Danesh Exchange will complete a send form Consult with you the exchange rate and fees  Step 4 – Once the transaction goes ahead – You’ll be given a eight digit reference number – In just 10min the money will be available 12

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How sending money works  Step 5 – Get in touch with us Call 03 8753 7579 or visit our branch  Step 6 – Contact the receiver Giving them the reference number 13

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How receiving money works  Step 1 – Contact the person sender – Ask for eight digit reference  Step 2 – Visit our branch – Bring your identification – And the reference number  Step 3 – Danesh Exchange will complete a receive form – And pay you out up to 9000AUD 14

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