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Morning Session 8:00 – 11:30 - Orientation - Action Songs - Prayer - Activity 1 - Break - Activity 2 Lunch Break Afternoon Session 1:15 – 3:00 - Action Song - Activity 3 - Activity 4 - Activity 5 - Prayer Home Sweet Home

Little Dandy Boy:

Little Dandy Boy Little Dandy boy Sat on a racking chair Then he began to cry “Mama! Mama!” Poor little dandy boy

The Life with a Purpose :

The Life with a Purpose

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Good morning Lord, it's great to be with You again today. I'm glad You are going to be with me today. Help me in all I do and say today, bring a smile to my lips for all I meet today, place on my tongue kind and gentle words for all I speak with today. And when the day's over bring me home safely.

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God of my life, I welcome this new day. It is Your gift to me, a new creation, a promise of resurrection. I thank You for the Grace of being alive this morning; I thank You for the sleep that has refreshed me; I thank You for the chance to make a new beginning. Amen.

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POWER OF YOUR LOVE Lord, I’ve come to You. Let my heart be changed renewed flowing from the grace that I’ve found in You. Lord I’ve come to know the weaknesses I see in me will be stripped away, by the power of your love. Hold me close. Let Your love surround me. Bring me near, draw me to Your side. And as I wake, I’ll rise up like an eagle. And I will soar with You. Your Spirit leads me on by the power of Your love. Lord unveil my eyes. Let me see You face to face. The knowledge of Your love as You live in me. Lord renew my mind as Your will unfolds in my life in living everyday by the power of Your love.

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LOVING Forgiving Friendly Talent in Singing

Your Hand:

Your Hand Lord, it was Your hand, and I failed to see it! Your hand that knitted me in my mother’s womb and planned every step of my life before I was born. Your hand that led me year after year, from place to place, One step after another, along the way. Your hand that, when I strayed and deviated from the path You had traced for me, did not abandon me; But, still there --- invisible, yet ever present --- Continued to wait – in patience, In long and painful patience – For me to respond to Your fatherly call.

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Your hand that, When I found myself confused, lost, Stuck in the mire and in utter despair, reach down, far down, And pulled me up, far up; And then, in an act of boundless love, lifted me still higher, To Your embrace, to Your heart. Your hand that, through thick and thin, day and night, In summer and winter, in the pain of sin and in tears of repentance, is always there, ever present, ever loving, ever powerful, ever ready, to prove that I come from You and that You want me to be with You, to ever belong to You. Thank You Father for Your fatherly hand! Amen.

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Handgram Draw or trace your palm in an oslo paper. In each finger, write your FIVE BEST GIFTS or TALENTS . Paste your 1X1 or 2X2 picture at the center of your palm. You may use crayons or pastel to make your work colorful. You have one hour to do this activity…in silence. Forgiving LOVING Talent in Singing Friendly

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Guide Questions For Group Sharing : What are my FIVE God-given talents? Do I use each talent properly? Do I make God happy with my talents? Why or why not? Group Reporting : Summarize the sharing of your group.

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Bible Reading : The Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents tells us that we are unique and special. No two individuals are alike. Jesus was not after of the number of talents we have. Others may have five or ten talents. Others may have one. What is the most important here? To possess many talents? Or to properly use whatever talents we have?

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Sino Ako? Hiram sa Diyos ang aking buhay. Ikaw at ako, tanging handog lamang. Di ko ninais na ako’y isilang, ngunit salamat dahil may buhay. Ligaya ko na ako’y isilang, pagkat tao ay mayroong dangal. Sino’ng may pag-big? Sino’ng nagmamahal? Kundi ang tao, Diyos ang pinagmulan. Kundi ako umibig. Kundi ko man bigyang halaga ang buhay kong handog, ang buhay kong hiram sa Diyos, kundi ako nagmamahal, sino ako? ?

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“The Purpose-Driven Life” Many days have come and gone Many years seem to have been wasted Round and round like an aimless journey Seems like we’ve been here before. What on earth am I here for? Come my friend, stop for a while Life must be more than just existin’ Round and round like a carousel ride Shall we end where we began? Tell me so i’ll understand REFRAIN: Let us begin to live this life Let us together seek it’s purpose. Life is not a pointless venture, Eternity is for sure Open up and receive this truth w/in your heart: “That God was smiling at your birth And has a purpose for your life” Come my friend, stop for a while Life must be more than just existin’ Round and round like a carousel ride Shall we end where we began? Tell me so I'll understand “I know the plans I’ve laid for you. Plans for goodness says the LOrd” We were made to last forever. And heaven is our home

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Why did God make us? Do you live your life with a purpose? Old catechisms asked, “Why did God make you?” The answer: “ God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him forever in the next. ” Here, in just 26 words, is the whole reason for our existence . Jesus answered the question even more briefly: “ I came so that you might have life and have it more abundantly .” (John 10:10)

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But what did you do with the talents you have? Did you use them for the preparation for that ETERNAL LIFE that Jesus spoke? So God’s plan for us is simple. He wants us to give us all good things – especially eternal life. Jesus died on the cross to save us all from sin and the eternal separation from God that sin causes. (CCC 599-623). If we love God and our poor brothers and sisters, ETERNAL LIFE is waiting for us in heaven. Song: (Purpose-Driven Life)

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My Commitment Using you FIVE GIFTS , write at least FIVE things also that you can commit to make your life more meaningful and with a purpose or with a mission to fulfill . Example: 1. LOVING – I will be more loving to my family and friends. 2. FORGIVING – I will forgive those who hurt me. 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________ 5. MY TALENT IN SINGING – I will be joining my Parrish Choir every Sunday.

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Paint My Life Direction: Paint or color the life of your friends. Using the YARNS of different colors, you are going to give that yarn to the person whom you think is best described by that color. By giving each color, you are reminding that person that he or she possesses that VIRTUE or GIFT and must be used for God and for others.

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This person is very CALM. He is strong and steadfast He or she is light and friendly. Almost everyone likes some shade of the color blue. Blue is peace bringer. He or she is intelligent. He or she thinks unity. BLUE

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Green means life and renewal. Healthy Abundant The person is also calm like blue. They are HOPEFUL. GREEN


WHITE White means purity. White people love cleanliness. They are innocent. They go well with other people. They are brilliant.


RED Red means LOVE. The person is loving. The person is very passionate. He or she is very warm to others. He or she is business-minded. Red is for celebrities and VIPs. They are smart people. They are attentive. They are happy people.


YELLOW They are warm people. They are happy people. Cheerful Hopeful If someone is yellow, it means he or she is courageous. They are also peace-bringers.


ORANGE They are energetic. They are flamboyant. They are aggressive like red, but calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.


PURPLE It symbolizes royalty. It symbolizes spirituality. Purple people are mysterious. They are noble. They are delicate and precious. They are creative. Artists.

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Celebrate you! You are worth celebrating. You are worth celebrating. You are unique. In all this world, there is only one you, Your talents Your experiences Your gifts God created only one you, precious in God’s sight. You have immense potential to love, to care, to create, to grow, to sacrifice…..if you believe in yourself. It doesn’t matter your age, or your color, whether your parents loved you or not. (Maybe they wanted to, but couldn’t) Let that go. It belongs to the past. You belong to the now.

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It doesn’t matter what you have been, the wrong you’ve done, the mistakes you’ve made, the people you’ve hurt. You are forgiven, you are accepted. You’re OK. You are loved…in spite of everything. So love yourself, and nourish the seeds within you. Celebrate you. Begin now. Start anew. Give yourself birth. Today. You are you and that is all you need to be. You are temporary (on the earth at least). Here today and gone tomorrow.

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But today…today can be a new beginning, a new thing, a new life. You cannot deserve this new life. It is given freely. That is the miracle called God. So celebrate the miracle and CELEBRATE YOU!

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LORD, I OFFER MY LIFE All that I am, all that I have, I lay them down before You o Lord. All my regrets, all my acclaim, the joy and the pain, I’m making them Yours. Lord, I offer my life to You, everything I’ve been through, use it for Your glory. Lord I offer my days to You, lifting my praise to You as a pleasing sacrifice. Lord I offer You my life. Things in the past, things yet unseen, wishes and dreams that are yet to come true. All of my hopes, all of my plans, my heart and my hands are lifted to You. (refrain)

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