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How do I get relief from foot and ankle pain

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➢ Ankle sprain ➢ Ankle instability ➢ Gout ➢ Arthritis ➢ T endonitis ➢ Fracture ➢ Nerve compression ➢ Poor alignment of the leg or foot and even infection. Those who are experiencing ankle pain also face swelling stifness warmth and redness across the foot or ankle. What Causes Foot or Ankle Pain

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Some treatment can help to overcome the foot and ankle pain . Follow: "PRINCE approach" P: Protect your joint from further injury. R: Rest your ankle I: Apply ice on your ankle using ice packs N: T ake acetaminophen or NSAIDs C: Wrap your ankle injury and apply compression E: Elevate your ankle How to reduce foot and ankle pain

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Avoid “HARM”: ➢ Avoid saunas hot tubs hot baths and heat packs for at least 72 hours. ➢ Avoid Alcohol ➢ Running ➢ Massage How to reduce foot and ankle pain

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If you are experiencing chronic foot or ankle pain then consult a podiatrist near by your area. Dr. Alexander Yanovskiy - Illinois Foot Care Specialist 2260 W Higgins Rd Suite 201 Hofman Estates USA IL 60169 Phone: 847 882-0456 Contact Foot Care Specialist

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