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Abby Raiyan Yanci Jeremiah Neptune

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Table Of Contents Page 1- Neptune with all of our names Everyone Page 2- Table of Contents Raiyan Page 3- Neptune facts Abby Page 4- Distance from the sun Yanci Page 5- Temperature Raiyan Page 6- How Long it’ll take to get from Earth to Neptune. Jeremiah Page 7- SourcesAbby Page 89-Picture of our Space SuitFRONT AND BACK Jeremiah And Yanci Page 9. The End All of Us Raiyan’s

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-The length of the rotation is.671 earth days -The length of a year on neptune 164.79 years -36. ft/sq surface gravity Neptune has 6 rings. -Neptune Consist of ice mixed in with a largely amount hydrogen and helium atmosphere. -Neptune has the most extreme weather of all the planets. -Neptune has six rings and 13 known moons. -Neptune is a gas planet so their is no surface it’s made out of water only. -Neptune has no land because it is made of some gase -80hydrogen 19 helium and ices of ammonia and water Neptune Facts Abby

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-Like all of the planets in the Solar System Neptune follows an elliptical orbit around the Sun so it’s sometimes closer and sometimes further than this average number. When Neptune is at its closest point to the Sun called perihelion it’s 4.45 billion kilometers from the Sun.Then when it’s at its most distant point from the Sun called aphelion it’s 4.55 billion km from the Sun. Yanci Distance From the Sun

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At its surface where the clouds of the planet touch space the temperature of Neptune can dip down to 55 Kelvin. Thats -218 degrees Celsius. Temperature Raiyan

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How Long it’ll take to get from Earth to Neptune. It’ll take about twelve years to get to Neptune from Earth. Jeremiah

slide 7: -The Facts in these slides Beautiful-Wallpapers.jpg - The 1st picture -Solar System Picture Gif Galaxy-HD-Wallpaper-for-Desktop.jpg -Galaxy Facts Picture Pictures of our Aliens Cannot be provided. Credits to Mr.Frank Fitzpatrick. Sources Abby

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Head SpaceSuit Arm Sockets Radio status Water tank Food button Arm Sockets Yanci Face

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Oxygen Tank JetPack JetPack Radio status Jeremiah boosters

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Jeremiah Abby Yanci Raiyan

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