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Venus By SAMANTHA EVA and JARRED Just for you NEiL A SamanthaEva

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Hi I am Samantha and I am with me and my 2 classmates Eva and Jarred. We are going to be talking about our planet Venus. Also why you should stay on our planet. Samantha

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TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS . Our space suit slide 4 - slide 8 . Atmosphere slide 9 . Fun facts about Venus slide 10 . Distance and Temperature in Venus slide 11 . Water in Venus slide 12 . The moons slide 13 . Venus and the earth slide 14 . Venus and the sun slide 15 . Venus slide 16 . Facts about Venus slide 17 . Sources slide 18 . THE END slide 19Samantha Carhart Samantha

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Jet pack Air pack head Eva arm body

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p SAMANTHA eyes straw Jet pack water straw

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Atmosphere The atmosphere of venus is very thick and is about 90 times more massive than Earth’s atmosphere. Eva

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Water in venus Venus is very close to the sun. That means that it is a bit warmer. So there is slightly more water in the atmosphere than in Earth’s atmosphere so venus gets more water than the earth. Eva

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Venus weighs 48670000 pounds Venus is closer to the earth Venus has nothing on it so there should be aliens one that planetSAMANTHA Facts

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Facts about venus sixth in the solar system in size and mass It takes 243 Earth days to rotate once on its axis The planet’s orbit around the Sun takes 225 Earth days compared to the Earth’s 365 One day on Venus is longer then one day on Earth Did you know that venus is called Earths sister Samantha a

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Distance and Temperature At its farthest Venus is 162 million miles 261 million miles kilometers away. Venus takes 224.7 Earth days to travel around the sun. The temperature of venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit and 462 degrees celsius. It takes 25 million miles to go from venus to earthEVA

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Moons Did you know that Venus has zero moons. Venus use to have a moon that formed the same way earths moon formed. Samantha

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Venus is close the planet Earth. VENUS AND THE EARTH Samantha

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Venus is 2nd closest to the sun. Venus is 224.7 Million Miles close to the sun. 25 million VENUS AND THE SUN Samantha

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Venus is a good place to stay on because it is not to cold and warm and if it gets cold our spacesuit has ear muffs and if it gets warm it has a button to make a spacesuit for the heat that will still protect its body from the sun. VENUS Eva

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