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Mercury By:LissetDerekDarian D

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Table of Contents Page 3: Distance/Temperature Page 4: Water Page 5: Atmasphere Page 6789:The space suit facts Page 10: Fun facts Page 11: Sources Lisset

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Distance/Temperature WAR The distance Mercury has from the sun is approximately 35.98 million miles from the sun.The approximate temperature is 800 degrees Fahrenheit high and -170 degrees low. Mercury also is 48 million miles from the earth. Well too bad mercury isnt closer to the sun after all its too HOT for him OHHHHHHHHH Darians amazing intellectual work

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In late 2012 MESSENGER confirmed those observations from orbit around Mercury discovering ice in permanently shadowed craters near the planets north pole. FREEZY Water Derek

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Atmosphere The planet has very little atmosphere only tiny amounts of helium hydrogen oxygen and sodium. Mercury’s atmosphere is incredibly thin. With a mass of about 5.5 percent that of Earths atmosphere. This planet has a far weaker surface gravity and cannot hold on to much atmospheric gas. OOOOO i sound so SCIENTIFIC Lisset

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Dis bootyful thang. Dis is our spacesuit. Sponsored by D.D.S moving company co. we bring you the perfect suit in stock. Used for traveling and living on mercury. Its iconic LDLD stands for Lisset Derek Lee and Darian the creators of this beauty. Aside from the fact it looks like a big baby. Its design is one in a billion because we will only make one…. So yeah you’ll be living alone on mercury D. Darian

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Power core Oxygen tank Water tank So this is the back of the LDLD space suit. It has all the things you need to actually live. so as you can see the Back has tanks of different materials. Oxygen for breathing. And water for drinking and keeping your cool.The oxygen. So well be talking about the water tank. The tank goes through tubes in the suit going to your mouth to drink. But it can also go to the power core where it is either heated or cooled due to what time it is on mercury the water goes circulating through the suit giving the wearer heat or cold Lisset

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This is the power grid or whatever im not very scientific sooooo… Here you can see the buttons you will need for the suit to work. First we have the power on thingy. It turns your suit on so it can circulate water and move and stuff like that. also since the power core is a 5-hour energy. You can only been in it for 5 hours then you die...dont sue us then we have the water valve that is used to press when youre thirsty. Then we have a really useless button that does.. Well…. And stuff does this… Darian

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This is the head. Aside from the fact the guy inside is flat as paper and looks like some kind of anime character he seems A- OK The little thing on top is used to breath and help it staying inside. The air you exhale will be re used in this small thing. By removing the carbon dioxide you are able to breath normally. So thats cool… then we have those headphone thingys on the side. Those are things used to talk to other people at a station far away in some kind of nasa space station. So its basicly a phone strapped on your ear that had really good service. Derek

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FUN FACTS Mercury is the second hottest planet Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system Im pretty sure you didnt know this but Mercury is closest to the sun Mercury has wrinkles Every seven years or so Mercury can be seen from Earth Lisset

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Sources NASA- Mercury water website: This is the website that we researched on. Lisset

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Did you really think we were gonna do such a cliche ending GUESS AGAIN BUSTER BROWN

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