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The planet Commander Neil A will live in. Paola Abigail Devonis Uranus No not the butt the planet you dumbo. Say: UR-AI-NUS

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Table of Contents Slide 3: Atmosphere Slide 4: Water Slide 5: Temperature Slide 6: Uranus’s Moons Slide 7: Fun Facts of Uranus Slide 8: Commander Neil A’s spacesuits Paola Devonis Abigail

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Uranus’s Atmosphere The atmosphere for Uranus is full of hydrogen helium and methane. The hydrogen in the atmosphere is 82.5. The helium is 15.2. Last but not least the methane in the atmosphere is 2.3. Commander Neil A will need a space suit for oxygen. Earth doesnt have helium in the atmosphere but we do have polution and we dont need any space suits to live on Earth. Earth´s atmosphere is way healthier than Uranus. Abigail

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Uranus’s Water Uranus has water just like the planet Earth The form of water is liquid and solid. Commander Neil A will not need a spacesuit for water WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU Life. -.- Devonis

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Temperature/ Distance in Uranus: The temperature in Uranus is -357 degrees Fahrenheit -216 degrees Celsius. Which would mean it’s really cold in Uranus That would mean frostbite. What to wear Clothes with heat in them. No Not on Fire. Paola The distance from Earth to Uranus is 2.6 billion kilometers. 1000 centuries later...

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Uranus’s Moons 1.Cordelia 2.Ophelia 3.Bianca 4.Cressida 5.Desdemona 6. Juliet 7.Portia 8.Rosalind 9.Mab 10.Belinda 11.Perdita 12.Puck 13.Cupid 14. Miranda 15. Francisco 16. Ariel 17. Umbriel 18. Titania 19. Oberon 20. Caliban 21. Stephano 22. Trinculo 23. Sycorax 24. Margaret 25. Prospero 26. Setebos 27. Ferdinand All named after Shakespeares characters - Abigail

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Uranus: Fun Facts Devonis 1. Uranus has 27 moons See slide 6 2. Uranus’s rings are made out of water and ice 3. Uranus has 13 known rings 4. It will take 7.3 Earth years in a Shuttle 3.8 Earth years in a Galileo 3.1 Earth years in lon A and 113 days in lon B. 5. William Herschel found this planet 6. The orbit periods are 30687.15 Earth days and 84.02 Earth years

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What will Commander Neil A and his people wear Commander Neil A and his people will wear Plastic Milkshake MASHROOM Tech. Inc. Space suits. The Suit includes an air tank Darwin Slippery Co. To breathe and it has to be warm because of the cold temperature of Uranus. Paola Commander Neil A The helmet totally not spoiled milk ✧ ✧ Temperature Knob Hot or Cold Sassy Boday Water button “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” hand Air Tank: We can refill the tank whenever you like Girl Pose hand

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THE END Uranus Will miss you all And remember that Rosalina Galaxy Inc Chose Uranus for you Send me messages on Cmail at DarwinRaglanCaspianAhabPoseidon NicodemiusWattersonIIIcmail.com Remember if you need air or water make sure to contact Darwin Slippery Co. We will give it to you in about 3 days Paola’s Emerald Lock No access Darwin Slippery Co. Your Heaven Inc.

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