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Jupiter By: Daylon Stefan Derek G. and Gracie

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Jupiter is mostly made out of gas and is called a gas giant. Jupiter is named after the supreme roman god. 67 known moons. ITS BIG RED SPOT IS 2 TIMES BIGGER THAN EARTH AND WINDS 400 MPH. mostly made up of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter has the strongest gravity. Jupiter is the biggest planet. DEREK

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Distance 629743036 km from earth 483.8 million miles from sun 1300 earths fit on earth 43441 miles wide Average -234 Fahrenheit /DEREK

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Jupiter Facts .Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun .The pressure is so strong that gas can be squished into liquid .The stripes and swirls on Jupiter are cold amounts of ammonia and water .The air is helium and hydrogen .The core is 50000 degrees .It has 17 unconfirmed moons Gracie

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Due to the horrible facts we found about Jupiter we now know that Jupiter is not the best planet to live on. The air is made up of helium and inhaling to much would lead to death. There’s too much pressure so the atmosphere would crush you like a soda can or melt you like ice. There is no land since the entire planet is made up of gas. But that’s why we’ve come up with a better solution to help our alien accomplices. And that is by building a space suit. Daylon

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The space suit would have to withstand the pressure and heat of the planet so that we can’t get smushed or melted. We would also need rocket boosters to fly in mid air since we can’t land on the planet. As well as oxygen tanks since the air is made of gas and helium. Also water tanks to fill with water since the water is in the atmosphere. Stefan

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What our spacesuit will have is: .jetpacks .fuelpacks .Water tanks .Oxygen tanks Daylon Nice earring.

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These items will help the aliens survive on the planet and lead them off the path to starvation. Stefan

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Air Tank Pipe for air to flow through. Daylon Gracie Air tube Body

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Here is a close up view of the suit. Gracie Sponsor

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THE END Now I got some. Stylish Gracie/Stefan

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Sources http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/jupiter://solarsystem.nasa. gov/planets/jupiter http://www.nasa.gov/jupiter Daylon Stefan Gracie Derek

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