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D.D.S The only way to ship it is to ship it But don’t worry we’re trained to deliver stuff Moving Co.

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Table Of Contents 3. ……….Shipping It 4. ………..Trained to deliver 5. ……….SO AWESOME THAT I CAN JUST… 6. ………...NO HORSES 7. ……………….How long you have to wait 8. ………..What our route looks like 9. ……….How much packages we can handle 10. …………...Something happened 11. ……………..I hope you like our Moving Co.

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Shipping it If you can’t already tell from our cheesy catchphrase we will be using a ship to get your stuff from ST. Mary City to Rockville BUT You cant get to rockville just by boat ITS ON LAND. So were TRAINed to use a train too

slide 4:

Trained to deliver We get your packages to your house the most friendliest and fastest manner. Our shipping is non shaky because we use trains. perfect for fine china. yes we can ship the entire country of china WE DELIVER COOKIES FREE

slide 6:

NO HORSES We are NOT using horses because they are slow. We want to deliver your packages as fast as we can and a horse can’t go 13 hours. We’re also really bad of taking care of horses. R.I.P MR. PICKELS

slide 7:

How long you have to wait for your packages Since we’re using a boat and a train it will take a while. It will be 127.876 miles to get to Rockville from St Marys city. A boat will take 10 hours long and a train will take 3 hours long so all together it’s a 13 hours wait. So don’t expect a package to come in 10 minutes. I know life isn’t fair deal with it. Much Cookie

slide 8:

What our route looks like. This is what our route looks like. As you see the green line means the Potomac River that’s the river we’re using and the brown is the railroad we’re using. The yellow “A” is our starting point and the yellow “B” is our ending point. BRING ON THE PACKAGES A B

slide 9:

How much packages we can handle If you have over 30 packages we cannot deliver it. It is way to much for our boat and train. We’re very sorry just try asking the other group for a deliver but let me tell you they will not ship cookies for free.

slide 10:

Something happened If it takes over 13 hours something must have happened. Like our boat crashing into an iceberg or our train ran out of coal and water or cookie power ran out of fuel.

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