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ShipIt Presentation By: Leandra Daniella Eva Alexa

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Table Of Contents ● Pg.3 About Our Company ● Pg.4 Reputation ● Pg.5 Vehicles that are going to be used ● Pg. 6 Route We Are Taking with map ● Pg. 7 Explanation of the route we are taking ● Pg. 8 How long it took us to deliver the packages ● Pg. 9 The ending Table Of Contents

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About our company ● We are one of the fastest delivering people in the thirteen colonies. ● We are also the most successful shipping company you can trust. ● We keep our packages secure. ● Packages always come in good condition unlike other companieslike Daylon’s backpack company. ● We have been around for more than 35 years helping many people take their packages from one place to another.

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Reputation ● Many people trust our company it is highly recommended. ● We never lose a package ever and we mean never ● All of our customers always gives us great reviews. ● We never damage our packages. ● We always come on time

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Vehicles that are going to be used Ship Horse and carriage Train

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The Route boat ride Train ride buggy ride

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The ride 1. The first ride we are taking to get our shipping to you is a buggy that goes 4 mph from St Mary City to St. Ingioes which is 4.4 miles. So it will take one hour for the buggy to get there. 2. The second ride that we are taking to get our shipping to you is a boat that goes 6 mph from St. Ingioes to Washington D.C. which is 79.5 miles. So it wil take 13 hours and 25 minutes to get there. 3. The third ride we are using to take our to you is a train that goes 20 mph from Washington D.C. to Rockville which is 16.6 miles. So it will take one hour for it to get there.

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How long it took us to bring you your packages: It took us approximately 15 hours and 25 minutes. We delivered the packages in in a day so recommend us to all your friends about how safe we delivered your packages and how fast we did it too.

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The End

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