The Speed of Light Coaster

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Speed of Light I. Paola Chicas Toad II. Devonis Nettles Darwin lll. Gracie Kamei IV. A rollercoaster from Daly elementary Speed of Light Made by: ♥ We’re using biomass B.O.L.D inc. Beware of Lightning Dash B.O.L.D inc. Beware of Lightning Dash

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Table of Contents Table of Contents What is Biomass 3 Why did we chose biomass 4 Our cart 5 The two motions we will use 6 Potential Motion 7 Variable Motion 8 Cost 9 How to make biomass 10 Our picture 11 Ending 12

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What is biomass + are-useable energy source + a non-pollution energy source. + made with the simplest ingredients + a very smelly energy source + the oddest energy source of them all. + finally Something we can make out of garbage` + an energy source that has many choices

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Why did we choose Biomass + Doesn’t pollute + Easy to get it really is + Re-using trash for energy + Simpler power

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Our cart we are using for The speed of light YEA BUDDY 1 This is so fun yea buddy

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Well we will need to tell the 2 motion types we’ll use for our coaster We’ll use: + Potential for power + Variable for no straight no same speed We will be using Potential and Variable. We will talk about what they mean :D

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Potential Motion Potential motion has the following things like: + Our Roller Coaster will need power. Without it how will it go up + We’ll need power for our coaster to go up. + Once it goes up the hill gravity will take over the rest of the coaster. + It’s just that simple: when gravity takes over It’ll go fast I “mustache” you a question: Are you Fast Like me

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Variable Motion has things like: + Who would want to ride a roller coaster that goes straight + Always Fast ALL THE TIME + Straight is boring...Fast is BETTER + A slow roller coaster all the time. + Better Faster...You get the idea. + But not always fast... Variable Motion

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Now WE WILL TALK about the cost for our roller coaster That would be about our coaster + Go to home depot + Buy an axe + Find a tree not a lot though + Chop it down + Find a place to burn it + Done This will be about how we powered it and what we need to power it Warning: I recommend you to deal with it. Like a Bo :

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The sources of Biomass WHERE THEY COME FROM... We will need: Burnt WooD Garbage Poop Land Fuel Chop down trees and burn them in a furnace CLEAN UP...CLEAN UP TO DaA TOILET ...Burn sum TRASH Burnt Wood Garbage Poop Land Fuel

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