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The DemonatoR destruction inc destruction inc daly elementary daly elementary daly elementary BY: samuelAbby Nyima Derek

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Table Of Contents Illustration Of Coaster and Cart Page 3-4 Motion Patterns Page 5 Information about the Source We Chose Page 6 Rationale Efficient Information on Our Energy Source Chosen Page 7 Observable Motion Page 8 Cost Page 9 Sources Page 10

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Illustration Of Roller Coaster

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Illustration Of The Car

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Motions Patterns You can start at the top and you will have enough momentum to do a loop-de-loop and some turns. Depends on the altitude

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We chose wind since wind is free and its everywhere. And also wind is pretty easy to get. Therefore we chose wind. Information on the Source We chose as a group

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Rationale Efficient Information on Our Energy Source Chosen Because wind is cheaper and more common and reproductive than other energy sources it is better. Also wind doesnt hurt the environment so its more convenient.

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Observable Motion It has variable motion because the ride will be speeding up and down also it will change direction making it variable. It also has kinetic and potential energy because on the top of the hill of at the roller coaster it has lots of potential energy to get lots of kinetic energy while going down.

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Cost-What Does it take to make it You have to get: Materials to make the Cart and roller coaster itself. ● Metal ● Steel ● Rubber ● Paint

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Target Audience This ride is the most dangerous ride yet.This ride is made for DareDevils If you are not a Daredevil you will be scared to death. not literally

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