The Dare Devil

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Daly elementary . BY: Lisset canasJasmineDerek LeeDarian Montano Daredevil DareDevil Daly elementary BRINGING UP THE HEAT...

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Table of Contents illustration of roller coaster…………..3 illustration of the car………...4 target audience……….5 solar energy……….6 why we picked solar…...7 observable motion…….8 motion patterns………...9 costs……….10 sources…………...11

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illustration of roller coaster

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Illustration of the car

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Target Audience We are targeting people in 5th grade to ride DAREDEVIL

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solar energy This is The way our amazing energy source works Stay with me this is going to get pretty “complicated” fun fact: the sun generates enough energy in 1 hour to power the entire world for entire year ● solar panel photons from the sun DC electricity ● the inverter turns DC current into alternating current AC for use in your home SUPER HAPPY AWESOME FUN COMPUTER TIME ● afterwards the energy you dont use will be sent back to the power grid to be used by another energy user solar energy

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Rationale for Efficient Source Chose The reason we have chosen solar energy because its compact and easy to make it also looks nice and it well be put in top of the coaster house ONE POINT FOR SOLAR

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Observable Motion ● potential at the top of our hill we have potential energy ● Kinetic as soon as we come over the big hill we get our kinetic energy because gravity takes over ● Periodic it does not have periodic motion because its not a ferris wheel so yeah ● VariableIts a roller coaster of course it has variable motion if not it would be boring T_T. ● Uniformwe do not have it because our roller coaster is not on a loop

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Motion Patterns Gravity: we will be using gravity at the to of our hill Friction: it will slow down our coaster at the end

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costs Rollercoaster material foundations tracks main support structure box girder track track support tubular rail structure car material tubular roil structure break fin tubular track support

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Sources Background image:

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