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The K.E.N.Z.E Company By: Randolph Fadaka Dela Rosa Abdi and Solorzano

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The ratings we get from people are successful. We sometimes do discounts for special holidays or fancy occasions like weddings and bar mitzvah. Ratings Dela Rosa

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The Company This company is dedicated to helping other companies get their items through water and land. Abdi

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Items The transportation that we have are suppose to support the way we ship out our items. We have a variety of items just to fit your needs. Dela Rosa

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Quality Our quality is amazing Your package will never get damaged but if it does we take full responsibility and we will pay. Solorzano Abdi

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About the company The employees that work at ‘The K.E.N.Z.E Company’ always will give you the best quality in their job. In the past 5 years we have never let a customer down. Fadaka

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We have a horse and ship transportation. We don’t trust the train. Yes it’s faster but your package could get lost on the train or someone could steal your package. Our ship transportation is a safe route. We will get to the stop so your package can be sent to your receiver. Randolph Transportation Fadaka

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Our Route If we would be taking land first we take Chaptico all the way to Davidson V. from there we go to Georgetown and from there we head to Rockville. If we were taking a boat we would sail the Chesapeake Bay all the way to Annapolis get the items and horseback all the way to Rockville. Abdi

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Messenger The messenger works for us to tell people about who we are and give out our information. He tells about our ratings. It helps us get more ratings. The messenger has probably told you about our business since you are out of the area. The messenger goes everywhere around St. Mary’s. Randolph Dela Rosa

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The Map Start End

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Why You should pick us to be your shipping company because we have the best Route Transportation Items Quality and Ratings as shown in the slideshow. Fadaka

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