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By Malachi Gabriel Awesome Transportations I.n.c

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We travel by horseship canaltrains any way to get to our destination our location is Rockville MD We will take the potomac river then get off at washington then take the train to Rockville. Transportations

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Time Limit Since we will use boat and train it will only take us 3 days which is exactly 75 hours to get from St Mary City to Rockville. Well it wont be that short but it will be really soon. We love shipping things. And our shipping is really cheap the cost is 20.00 minus tax

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Business Record Our business has been here for 71 years and still runs now. We have transported goods to places from inns villageshouses and to castles and towns. It will be our pleasure to ship items at all times even during a war. Just incase a situation like wars we can deliver you cutlasses rifles and cannons and medical supplies.When somebody is injured even soldiers come to our business to feel better.

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Location Our location is St Mary City and we are shipping goods to RockvilleMD.

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Photo Credits content/uploads/sites/2/2012/03/ content/uploads/2010/02/business-records.jpg diwali-offer.html

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Sources Google maps Fedex 1800’s Style

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