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Air duct cleaning near me deals and packages for every budget at find us: Service: air duct cleaning in Dallas duct cleaning Dallas Dallas air duct cleaning Dryer vent cleaning air duct cleaning To maintain the quality and cleanliness of your indoor home environment, you must add vent cleaning in your regular cleaning routine. The frequent washing of your air ducts at home is highly proven to help stop serious health problems from occurring. This air duct cleaning near me process can improve the overall health of a family member as well as those suffering from allergies 17745 Agave Ln Dallas, TX 75252, USA E-Mail:, Call us: 972-433-0278 Social:


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1 Dallas Fort Worth Air Duct Cleaning Services

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3 As a customer-oriented company Texas Duct Pros seeks to spread awareness amongst people about keeping their air ducts clean. We do a thorough cleaning of your supply registers take-offs vibration isolators smoke and fire dampers air terminals vanes and other components of your air duct system to free them of harmful particles.

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4 It is our duty to take care of your HVAC systems and we wish to fulfill it in every possible way. Are you facing a terrible time due to a leaky air duct Do n’t worry because we can help you fix that as well. Whenever you see any sign of leakage reach out to us and our servicemen will be there to repair it.

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5 One of the most common causes of fire-breakouts in America is faulty dryer vents. Dryer vents also remembered as heat and smoke vents are an essential installation in residential and commercial buildings for protection against fire.

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6 Our cleaning experts know air duct systems like the back of their hand and ensure that they are purged of dirt dust and other unnecessary objects that hamper the flow of air. We aim to secure your health and reduce the occurrence of respiratory problems by creating a clean and healthy space for everyone to breathe in.

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8 We are not just air duct cleaners but also advocates of healthy living. It ’ s our topmost priority to clean air ducts in both home and office spaces so that your atmosphere is breathable. As professionals we believe in delivering the best to our clients and we do so by leveraging state-of-the- art cleaning technologies.

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9 Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning • Control mold and bacteria •Reduce colds and flu – germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system •Reduce smells/odors •Remove VOCs •Reduces clogging in condensate drain lines by preventing algae growth.

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11 They are also called “gra vi ty ven ts” because they let out the smoke and heat through the roof by a buoyant action when a fire breaks out. It ’ s common to see lint building up in dryer vents over extended use because the c olle ct or ’ s functionality reduces.

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12 Grimy air ducts can be a considerable threat to the well-being of people residing in that space. At the same time cleaning them is not a piece of cake owing to the various technicalities involved in HVAC systems. Fret not because there are professionals like us at Texas Duct Pros who can help you navigate the process conveniently.

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13 Fire breaks out in buildings mostly because of dust or debris clogging the dryer vents causing unimaginable damages to life and property. Faulty gas dryers are even more dangerous because they emanate carbon monoxide fumes which can prove fatal for people breathing it. Lint build-up in ducts of dryer vents restrict airflow increases drying time and ultimately leads to overheating of the motor.

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14 Blocked or lint-coated ducts can quickly lead to house fires which is why it’ s essential to maintain them properly. The National Fire Protection Association NFPA suggests that every residential and commercial building should undergo a proper cleaning of dryer vents once a year.

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15 At the same time clearing off lint from dryer vents is not a layman’ s job. You need professionals to do the job for you. Texas Duct Pros the professional company th at’ s upholding safety and protection of residential and commercial buildings with its state-of-the-art Fort Worth dryer vent cleaning services.

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16 As a service company we aim to protect property owners from the perils of faulty dryer vents and create a safe space for everyone to live in. It ’ s a technical arena but you s houl dn ’t worry about navigating it because Texas Duct Pros will be by your side always.

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17 Our services are crafted in a way that satisfies different residential and commercial cleaning requirements. Our Fort Worth dryer vent cleaning process is highly advanced but it retains the simplicity for the better understanding of our clients.

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18 Living in Texas means high energy bills not only because you have the AC running but because cold air is escaping in places of your house you never think about. If your home or business is not insulated i t’ s time to think about using our insulation service in Fort Worth.

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19 We provide attic insulation as well as wall insulation. There are a few different types of insulation just depending on where you are needing it and your budget. If you are paying way too much every month for electricity and your home is either not insulated or has very old insulation Texas Duct Pros offers insulation installment and replacement.

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20 The purpose of insulation is to regulate the temperate of your home and to consume energy. When a home has no insulation or has poor insulation your HVAC system is working much harder to maintain the desired temperature.

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21 In the summer the cold air is getting released from the house easily and in the winter the warm air is escaping through the attic. This makes the system work harder and harder to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the house.

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23 It ’ s common to see dust pet dander and pollen flying around in the air of your home or office space. These minute particles enter the air ducts of your air conditioner or heater and can accumulate there over time. Not only do these particles block air flow but also re- circulate throughout the space sometimes giving out an unbreathable stench.

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24 Our technicians will analyze your dryer vents thoroughly and suggest a proper cleaning strategy. They will remove the build-up of lint and clean up the trap with the help of appropriate equipment. We will measure the flow of air using a specialized meter to ensure that the dryer vent is working correctly again. We clean the back of dryer topically to remove the excess accumulation of lint.

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