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Personality Development : 

Personality Development Dr.V.Vasundhara Devi

Personality : 

Personality A integrated organization of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, psychological and spiritual characteristics of an individual.

Development : 

An ongoing process. Development

Personality Development : 

Personality Development Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment.

Misunderstandings : 

Misunderstandings Many people mistake the physical appearance and various external characteristics of an individual and his or her personality. As they talk about a marvelous personality they may refer to the height, weight, stature and complexion.

Slide 6: 

It is true that physical appearance does matter. Though physical appearance can help, there are many other aspects that contribute greatly to one’s personality. Basically, personality development is the improvement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics. Today, personality is considered the “Brand Image’ of an individual.

Aspects : 

Aspects Character Behavior Attitude

Character : 

Character Character can be considered the basic factor in determining and individual’s personality. There are several psychologists who say that improving character and behavior alone will largely influence one’s personality.

Behavior : 

Behavior It is a fact that all other factors behind a powerful personality will become useless if the person lacks a good character and behavior. The strong foundation is supplied by character and behavior.

Attitude : 

Attitude The person who wants to improve his personality has to have a desire and determination. One has to identify the direction for his goals to achieve it.

Slide 11: 

Personality is like a building . Personality can impress others only when it has a formidable basis.

Slide 12: 

Every human being is a unique creature. Always remember that blindly following someone else who is successful will never take you in the direction right for you. There are immense possibilities within you to develop your personality with strong character you must recognize and understand them. The key to success is hidden with you.

Slide 13: 

Your personality, your capabilities, your thoughts and your ideals are all very important in determining your character. “All power is within you” – Swami Vivekananda

Winning Personality : 

Winning Personality A Winner, like Gold is always pure and fine.

Tips to Develop Winning Personality : 

Tips to Develop Winning Personality Check Out !! Which ones are strong and what in you needs to be polished?

Slide 16: 

Be Yourself Be Yourself

Slide 17: 

Adaptable to Change Adaptable to Change

Slide 18: 

The Ability to Smile The Ability to Smile

Slide 19: 

The Power of 3 E’s The Power of 3 E’s

Slide 20: 

Think and Feel Good about Yourself Think and Feel Good about Yourself

Slide 21: 

An Attitude of Gratitude An Attitude of Gratitude

Slide 22: 

A Positive Attitude as well A Positive Attitude as well

Slide 23: 

Learning from Failure Learning from Failure

Slide 24: 

Overcoming the Guilt & Worry Overcoming the Guilt & Worry

Slide 25: 

Having Clear Goals Having Clear Goals

Slide 26: 

Having Values Clarification Having Values Clarification

Slide 27: 

Respect and Value for People Respect and Value for People

Slide 28: 

Clarity and Conviction in Communication Clarity and Conviction in Communication

Slide 29: 

Free from Envy and Ego Free from Envy and Ego

Slide 30: 

Ability to spread Love & Happiness Ability to Spread Love & Happiness

Slide 31: 

Don’t Complain or Criticize what you cannot change

Slide 32: 

Give Honest Sincere Acknowledgement Give Honest Sincere Acknowledgement

Slide 33: 

Challenging your Beliefs and Fear Challenging your Beliefs and Fear

Slide 34: 

Shifting the FOCUS Shifting the Focus

Slide 35: 

procrastination Stop Procrastination

Slide 36: 

Making Right Decisions at Right Time Making Right Decisions at Right Time

Slide 37: 

Never Give Up

Slide 38: 

Continuously Polish Yourself Continuously Polish Yourself

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Take Regular Action. You can’t just stand before the mirror and shout “Winning Personality”. Write down for the Next 7 Days…an Action Plan.

Slide 40: 

Success is a Journey. Developing a Winning Personality is not a hit-and-miss affair nor a matter of Luck, but a Conscious and Focused Effort.

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