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Utilizing Close Reading Strategies in the Classroom :

Utilizing Close Reading Strategies in the Classroom Virginia Marie Young September 8 th 2015

Our Purpose for Reading or the Objective:

Our Purpose for Reading or the Objective The Students will be able to pose questions about things they are struggling to understand. They will make connections with the story, find key terms or words they do not understand. They will also be able to identify humorous or share worthy sections of the text. Together we will read a portion of text with an initial quick read. Going back and rereading the same portion of text they will use different colored post it flags to identify important information and deepen their thinking skills in regards to the information they are reading.

Our Tools:

Our Tools Today we will be taking a deeper look at the book The Giver by Lois Lowry. We will be looking at a section of chapter 1 of the text together and identifying various information. We will use color coded flags to help us search for information and dissect the text into smaller and more easy to understand chucks.

Color Coding Strategies:

Color Coding Strategies Pink: Make a connection with something familiar to your life. Green: Questions I have, things I wonder or don ’ t understand . Orange: Funny or share worthy part of the story Blue: Words I am unfamiliar with

Lets Get Started:

Lets Get Started Using our color coded flags we are going to take a deeper look into Chapter 1 of The Giver by Lois Lowry Since these books are school property we are unable to use highlighters to mark the books so we will use our color coded flags to help use read the text and make notes. During our first read through of the passage, I will read aloud while you follow along. Please use the pink flags if you hear anything in the story that you connect with.

A Little More Practice:

A Little More Practice In the very first paragraph of the story it mentions Jonas being frightened by something he does not understand. I have been frightened of new or different things, lets mark that with a pink post it. One question that came to mind as I read was why were they so frightened of the unidentified aircraft flying overhead. Let’s mark that with a green post it. Another question that came to mind when was reading was why is it against the rules for planes to fly overhead? Green post it note. The sentence that says, “The Pilot will be released for his error”. I am not sure what they meant by released so I would mark that with a blue post it.

Now You Try:

Now You Try Is there anything you marked in this section that you would like to share? Let’s finish reading chapter 1 with our reading buddy. Please work together to come up with questions, connections and words you are unfamiliar with for this chapter. Use at least one post it per page and make sure that you are using the post it and color coding according to the chart on the white board.

Now What:

Now What Tonight when you go home. Read Chapter two. Make sure to take your reading flags home with you to mark the passages you are reading. Remember you will need to read chapter 2 and least two times. Once a quick read to introduce yourself to the chapter like we did here in class. The second reading is for you to go back and pay attention to details while using your flags. Be prepared to share one post-it from each category for this chapter .

Assessment: Day 2:

Assessment: Day 2 Let’s share what we found. Did you do your homework? Write one k ey term or word you do not know yet you discovered from chapter two. Identify one part of chapter two that was confusing to you. How does the Author describe Jonas’s feelings over The Ceremony in chapter 2? What do you think is going to happen next?

Ready For More?:

Ready For More? Now that you have mastered the first few color flags and cloze reading here are some more that we are going to practice using together. Yellow : Infer and predict information about the text . Purple: What is the author saying? Summarize this info in a way that can be shared later.


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