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Presented by Dainy Nhan

Poverty : 

Poverty A child under 5 dies every 3 seconds. They lack simple vaccinations and medications, food and clean water.

Homeless Children : 

Homeless Children Most of children have no family. They live on the streets and lack of food, without care.

According to Brendan Garrett : 

According to Brendan Garrett 40 Million children live on the streets of the world 12 Million Children a year die before reaching 5 40,000 children die every day in the world because of hunger.

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Saving 1$ a day. 30$ for a month to give to charities for helping the children.

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You will bring hope And give children a better life

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It is not enough to just feed them by food, We must Give them education. Without education, these children will grow up poor and their children will also be poor.

Taxing the rich : 

Taxing the rich Ask the government to get more tax from the rich people. Sharing from the rich to the poor.

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You can start a domino effect that will effect hundreds of people generations from now by only helping one child.

If you care enough to share : 

If you care enough to share Share thing that you have Share your knowledge Share your talented Share your care for the Children to let them know they are not alone.

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