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FEEL THE SHIFT -- An “Evening of Conversations” sponsored by Dorr Way to Health and NuFocus Strategic Group Margaret Wheatley Leadership Forum Lead, Learn and Serve A Souvenir Album…

Margaret Wheatley Leadership ForumOctober 8 – November 10, 2009 : 

Margaret Wheatley Leadership ForumOctober 8 – November 10, 2009 USF St. Petersburg 46 Freshmen Students 17 Faculty and Staff 28 Non-Profit Community Leaders with

Framing the series: : 

Framing the series: Theme: “Sustainability is all about relationships” Concepts Curiosity, the human spirit and responsibility connect us Transformation always starts with confusion Trust the process Guiding Question “How do I embrace my unique self, and engage with others, wisely and well, to re-imagine and create a sustainable Tampa Bay Community that works for all?” Quote “When the forms of an old culture are dying, the new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.” Rudolf Bahro

Margaret Wheatley Skypes in : 

Margaret Wheatley Skypes in What is your sense of yourself as a leader? She asks: “What did you just hear that really got your attention and why?” Week 1

A lot happens before the sessions begin… : 

A lot happens before the sessions begin… Sharon Gabi & Suzanne Douglas Marie Michèle

How do you want to be seen by others? : 

How do you want to be seen by others? Week 2

Speaking our voice and listening deeply to others in World Café Conversations : 

Speaking our voice and listening deeply to others in World Café Conversations Describe a time when you heard someone present an idea or philosophy that you agreed with. How did you feel? Did it cause you to react in any way? How do you make yourself heard when others don’t agree with your point of view? When you hear another’s point of view that you disagree with, how does it cause you to react? Week 2

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Seeding our Community Garden Plot… Here’s what you shared with us!

What Needs to Grow in our Garden…. : 

What Needs to Grow in our Garden….

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A “mini taste of Open Space” Weeks 3 & 4

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Michèle and Suzanne open the circles with both groups. Like sitting around a camp fire or kitchen table, we are all equals. No experts, no assigned leaders, no hierarchy, we all have a heartfelt perspective to share.

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What Topic, Question or Idea do I want to share, explore or learn more about with others? I care about my Tampa Bay community Here’s what matters to me…

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Open Space... is a self-organizing system with no agenda, plenty of structure and all the freedom you can handle. It’s a way for you to tap into your passions and to take personal responsibility on the topics that matter most to you. At work, in community , in education, in your life…it works everywhere! 4 Principles Butterfly attracts others in conversation Bumble Bee pollinates ideas from one place to another Law of 2 Feet You choose where you want to go. Not learning or energized, move on!

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What Topics are Burning Inside of Me? What matters to me? What am I passionate about?

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We built our agenda in a matter of minutes.

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“We can’t be creative if we refuse to be confused.” Margaret Wheatley Trust the process Curiosity Human spirit Responsibility Passion

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Intense and engaged!

“Information…is the nutrient of self-organization.” : 

“Information…is the nutrient of self-organization.”

“The more access people have to one another, the more possibilities there are.” Margaret Wheatley : 

“The more access people have to one another, the more possibilities there are.” Margaret Wheatley

Diversity in Dialogue : 

Diversity in Dialogue

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“New relationships connect more and more of the system.” M. Wheatley

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“Leaders emerge from the needs of the moment.”

Living Learning Wall : 

Living Learning Wall

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Glows and… Grows

More sharing, your words! : 

More sharing, your words!

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Week 5…moving to action

Closing the Circle… : 

Closing the Circle… …from the heart with a talking piece

Slide 29: What was Most Meaningful for You?

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In your own words as we were “Closing the Circle”

What advice would I share with another on taking care of yourself first? Sustainability begins with you. : 

What advice would I share with another on taking care of yourself first? Sustainability begins with you. Here’s what you said…

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Everything that is meant to be will happen, love (live?) without regret, and never ignore the butterflies. Be whole, holy & healthy – live authentically, love deeply, dance & sing. Be peaceful within and allow that peace to radiate outwardly to others. A man must always try to exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for.” ~Robert Browning Enjoy every moment in life whether good or bad. 3 L’s…Live, love, laugh Treat yourself to the nicer things in life every once in a while before giving others nice things. See to your own happiness, so you can bring positive energy to another! Do something you love to do every day. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Take time to reflect what your passion is! Meditate - Make time in your day to slow down, take a step back and breathe. Be open and ready for all “opportunities.” With God all things are possible. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Go outside with a clear mind. (Pictures of flowers decorated it.) Winners never quit; quitters never win! Your first commitment in life is to yourself. Love yourself, take care of your body. Be true to yourself. Live, laugh, learn. Jump on it. Don’t forget to ask for help! People, Families, The Universe Believe in yourself, stay the course with your core values—keep the “garbage” and “clutter” cleared out. “Be who you are, & say what you feel. Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss Breathe deeply…Listen…Speak your truth! Love yourself and give of yourself, openly and freely. Positive thoughts & energy are multiplicative. One person can change the world, that person can be You. If your heart is always open LOVE will always find its way in. Be truthful to yourself always and to others! Being selfish is the highest form of honor & respect for the Divine Being you are. Take responsibility to be filled with Love and then give of the overflow. Fortitude & drive to never give up. The organization must be the reason –not personal ego. Get off the dance floor when the action is taking place and & get up on the balcony to understand the dynamics of what is going on. Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it! +Fail, know how you failed, then take action not to ever do it again. Smile, you’re beautiful, love yourself the way you are. YOUR Self-Sustaining Words of Wisdom

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Have the courage to make a difference & Be willing to try new things that may be beneficial in your life. Live Your Life. Be accountable to your actions and everything you say. “If you want to make the world a better place, you need to look at yourself and make a change.” ~Michael Jackson Do not procrastinate. Be kind to yourself and others. ~Love yourself before you can love others. ~Know your goals in life. Exercise and quit the junk food! Believe in yourself. I need to love myself first. Be kind each day in gratitude and peace. Find joy in each moment. Always strive to do your best in life. Do your best. Be your best. Look your best. Relax, it doesn’t matter that much. Find a physical activity you like and do it! I ride a bike/run/swim. Sleep! Dare to dream Live in the now Yesterday is gone--tomorrow may not be Give up thinking it is all about you. Don’t take it personally. Really look or listen, seeking to understand the other side. Make time to build Trust. You give yourself your best advice. When in doubt, seek moderation. Find time for yourself. More Advice from YOU to OTHERS

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Week 6

“We were together. I forgot the rest.” ~Margaret Wheatley : 

“We were together. I forgot the rest.” ~Margaret Wheatley Weaving the web of interconnectedness

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A Sampling follows… Imagining a “Sustainable Tampa Bay Community in five 75-minute gatherings 60+ topics emerged, leading to 25 Summary Reports converging to 10 Action Plans

Adult Literacy/Shy Students : 

Adult Literacy/Shy Students Summary Topic #1

Art of Hosting : 

Art of Hosting Summary Topic #4

Education Reform : 

Education Reform Summary Topic #6

Embracing Diversity : 

Embracing Diversity Summary Topic #7

Ending Violence Against Women : 

Ending Violence Against Women Summary Topic #8

Environmental Friendliness : 

Environmental Friendliness Summary Topic #9

Food and MusicBringing the Community Together : 

Food and MusicBringing the Community Together Summary Topic #11

Gay Rights : 

Gay Rights Summary Topic #12

Healthcare Reform : 

Healthcare Reform Summary Topic #14

More Affordable Housing/Homelessness : 

More Affordable Housing/Homelessness Summary Topic #18

Protecting the Environment : 

Protecting the Environment Summary Topic #21

USF SP needs a Cafeteria : 

USF SP needs a Cafeteria Summary Topic #24

What’s next?It’s up to “U” in Community : 

What’s next?It’s up to “U” in Community

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