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FEEL THE SHIFT -- An “Evening of Conversations” sponsored by Dorr Way to Health and NuFocus Strategic Group Margaret Wheatley Leadership Forum Lead, Learn and Serve

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A “mini taste of Open Space”

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Open Space is about to begin…the host welcomes participants.

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Michèle and Suzanne open the circles with both groups. Like sitting around a camp fire or our kitchen table, we are all equals, no experts, no assigned leaders, no hierarchy, we all have a heartfelt perspective to share.

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Open Space... is a self-organizing system with no agenda, plenty of structure and all the freedom you can handle. It’s a way for you to tap into your passions and to take personal responsibility on the topics that matter most to you. At work, in community , in education, in your life…it works everywhere! Bumble Bee pollinates ideas from one place to another Butterfly attracts others in conversation Law of 2 Feet You choose where you want to go 4 Principles

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Shopping the Marketplace Initiating conversations or signing up to join others… What topics matter to me? What am I passionate about?

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We built our agenda in a matter of minutes.

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Transformation always starts with confusion. Trust the process Curiosity Human spirit Responsibility Connections

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It takes a Team, it takes a Village, it takes a Community.

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Engaged and energized

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Conversations matter…they tap into our feelings, emotions, and intuition. Sustainability is all about relationships in community.

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Water Pollution So many topics, so little time…

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Turning to one another

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Open Space is about Passion and Responsibility.

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“WE” are the experts in the room.

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Issues and topics that we care about… … will move us into action.

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Our parting words in “Closing the Circle”

Slide 21: What was most meaningful for you today?

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