Why the Cowboys will finish 5-11

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Why the cowboys will finish 5-11


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Why the Dallas Cowboys will finish the season 5-11:

Why the Dallas Cowboys will finish the season 5-11 By Common Sense

Tony Romo:

Tony Romo Mr. Interception Not clutch enough Makes poor decisions Acts instead of reacting


Defense Cant tackle Cant cover Cant get teams off the field Does not produce turnovers

Coaching :

Coaching Play calling is not balanced Offense is set up to fail Defense has no game plan Special Teams do not attempt to field ball


Ownership Not willing to make necessary decisions Not willing to put pressure on Garrett Willingness to accept mediocrity Only cares about money


Fans Fans over-glorify mediocre performance Give excuses for almost-wins Do not look at the team objectively Fail to create home-field atmosphere


Conclusion Drastic changes are needed to turn the Cowboys back into a winning franchise. First and foremost Jason Garrett needs to be replaced. And unless Romo can play more conservatively, he needs to go also

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The End Please feel free to comment or make a response video. If you aren't a Cowboys fan, then this video is not for you!

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