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dM Accurate Recruiting-Talent Solutions (DARTS) is a platform to specifically address Fresh Engineering Talent Procurement need of the companies by facilitating smooth and effective recruitment drives across Engineering Campuses. We provide the most comprehensive solutions for fresh engineering talent recruitment through: On Campus Recruitment Drives for 3rd and 4thYear engineering students Off Campus Recruitment Drives for engineering pass outs Pool Campus Recruitment Drives for Students and Colleges of the entire region We attempt to minimize the recruitment complexity by smoothening the whole process for the company. We work as an efficient extended arm of your company to suffice for the time and resource constraints.

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The Enablers Regional Talent Pool Survey Exploring New Geographies Pan India Visibility Time Efficient Assessing Broader Talent Pool Minimizing Resources Maximizing Results Tremendous Hospitality Operational and Logistical Support Post Recruitment Support The Reach Access to more than 120 engineering colleges of West Bengal, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat To be more specific, we have an access to more than 20000 engineering students across India. Our goodwill, reputation, associations and influence amongst the Engineering Colleges smoothens our functioning and enables effective delivery

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DARTS is an end to end recruitment solution We follow a six-step model to implement what we promise Analysis Branding Organizing Assisting Delivering Monitoring

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Step 1: Analysis Regional Talent Pool Survey Information on the Companies which have already visited the region Number of candidates recruited by each of the companies and the salaries offered (data for each participating college) College and department wise database of available candidates in the region from the relevant streams College and department wise database of candidates suiting the company eligibility criteria General characteristics and expectations of students in the region College Rankings Academic strengths and infrastructural facilities Past and the current year placement figures Qualifying Examination rankings slab of the students intake Accreditation and Affiliations

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Step 2: Branding Publicizing the Company in the participating colleges Giving awareness presentation about the company and its recruitment process in the participating colleges This is an absolute necessity for making the candidates aware of the company’s requirements and the necessary preparations Giving the company presentation on the D-day is not of immense help to the aspirants and also the company. In most cases students don’t know the company’s technical and behavioral requirements and are hence caught unprepared Also from the company’s perspective, it is a waste of time and resources to test ignorant aspirants But most of the times it is not feasible for the companies to do this a week before their scheduled arrival and this is where DARTS come in handy DART Solutions provide you the best prepared talent for efficient recruitment

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Step 3: Organizing Finalizing the venue Ensuring Infrastructural Support for a swift recruitment process Fully equipped auditorium for the company presentation Sufficient number of prepared examination halls for the aptitude test Organized Group Discussion / Extempore / Activity rooms Sufficient number of fully equipped cabins for the Technical and HR Interviews The entire dM team dedicated to ensure Wonderful Hospitality Innovative techniques to make the entire recruitment process lightning fast Innovative time saving measures for conducting and evaluating the aptitude test Technological support for the swift publishing of results for each screening round Overall a perfect pre-planned procedure to minimize time loss due to unnecessary events and logistics

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Step 4: Assisting A dedicated Team of Experienced Behavioral and HR Panelists, pre-briefed about the assessment parameters of the company for Group Discussions / Extempore / HR Interviews Invigilators to ensure a fairly conducted Aptitude Test Trained volunteers for assisting the GD Panelists Trained volunteers for a quick and unbiased assessment of the Aptitude Papers Expert data entry operators for simultaneous database preparation and hassle free announcements of results for various rounds A senior Recruitment Drive Manager dedicated to the Company’s team for any requirements or support during the entire process Excellent on-site hospitality We ensure that you don’t skip your meals ? Lightning fast and extremely robust operations Working as an extended and integrated arm of the company rather than an external agency

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Step 5: Delivering Serve as a mediating platform between the company and the selected candidates for future correspondence Distribution of Offer Letters Handling queries on Offer Letters and the joining process from the ever inquisitive candidates Ensuring almost 100% recruitment : joining ratio Provide necessary and sufficient support for company’s future recruitment plans for the region Keeping your flag high always in the region Enhancing and maintaining the Brand Equity of the company among students and colleges Serve as true representatives of the company in the region

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Step 6: Monitoring Keeping the Recruited Candidates upbeat Companies, due to limitations of infrastructure or projects requirements, have to either defer the joining date at times or do the induction in batches. Generally candidates pass this time in sheer waiting and fail to upgrade or keep themselves upbeat for the existing technologies and competence required during induction training. We would ensure that candidates prepare themselves for the company through Periodic Technical Written Test Periodic Interviews and Assessments Monitoring the progress made by candidates before they join Intimating the ‘Trainability Quotient’ of the candidates to the company immediately before they join Special Requirements Technically upgrading the candidate for a specific domain for the company before joining Behavioral orientation of candidates on Communication Skills, People Skills and other relevant soft skills Any other specific requirement as desired by the company

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And to top it all, our services are Absolutely Free of Cost So, we satisfy all your recruitment needs without charging you a penny We at dM assure you a wonderful and efficient recruiting experience We not only serve solutions but also work on building relationships ? Last but not the least “We are Addictive”

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